Weston Gas Prices Continue To Increase

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Fairfield County gas prices have risen significantly over the past month, according to AAA.
Fairfield County gas prices have risen significantly over the past month, according to AAA. Photo Credit: Alfred Branch

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. – Gasoline prices have been rising in Fairfield County over the past several weeks, and it could be a while before they begin to ease, according to AAA of Southern New England.

Prices at several Stamford and Greenwich stations are currently well above $4 per gallon, and for the Bridgeport region, which encompasses lower Fairfield County, the average price for unleaded regular was $4.07 as of Wednesday, according to AAA.

One month ago, unleaded regular was selling for an average price of $3.79 in the region.

Statewide, the average price for unleaded regular was $3.98, according to AAA. One month ago, the average price was $0.31 lower at $3.67.

Fran Mayko, public affairs director for Southern New England AAA, said gas prices are always higher in the county than the rest of the state. “Fairfield County is perceived by gasoline companies as an area that can afford higher prices.”

Prices are climbing, in part, because the cost of crude oil, which provides the base material for gasoline, jumped above $95 per barrel, and refineries are switching to summer blend gasoline, which has temporarily decreased overall supply, Mayko said.

She does not anticipate much of a drop anytime soon and added that prices will likely rise again over the summer because Connecticut will increase its gasoline gross receipt taxes, which taxes supplies by the gallon. The tax is currently 7.53 percent, but will climb to 8.1 percent on July 1.

“It also costs more to get oil and gasoline to us in Connecticut because of where we’re located,” said Mayko.

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Comments (18)

Not only do you seem to be an alarmist you also seem to be delusional .
Your post looks like a copy and paste from a far right wing wacko blog.

Thanks to President Obama this is the first time the US auto industry has been profitable in many years

This is just the start of the Obama inflation....designed to reduce their debt burden. But which will make everyone poorer. Just wait a couple years. This will look like Disneyland.

Notice food prices recently? Wait til obamacare kicks in....as they say, you think healthcare is expensive now?? Just wait until its "free"!

Oh, and the property tax reval, and payroll tax increases and massive state and local shortfalls that will be met by tax the rich schemes. Note: according to the Gov, you are "rich" if you own a $29,000 car.

...the fun is just starting as liberalism runs out of other people's money to spend.

Universal Orlando to drop health insurance for part-time workers. That's the latest damage from Obamacare!



The Obama administration today promulgated fuel-economy and carbon-pollution limits for 2017 to 2025 model cars. These essential standards will reduce oil use, save families money from lower gasoline purchases, create jobs, and reduce emissions responsible for climate change.

Under these new standards U.S. companies will produce vehicles that employ modern fuel-saving technologies and ensure that their cars remain competitive with foreign models during future oil and gasoline price shocks. Recent events reemphasize the importance of reducing dependence on oil with its volatile price. Gasoline prices are rising again due to supply concerns related to sanctions on Iranian oil. In addition, the anticipation of economic growth that increases demand could enable speculators to bid up oil prices.

The new fuel-economy standards are one of several actions the Obama administration has taken to revive and strengthen the U.S. auto industry. The most prominent, of course, was the bridge loans granted to General Motors and Chrysler in March 2009 that enabled them to remain in business long enough to restructure, begin to innovate

They also cost much more to produce, and no will will pay for them. What he did was ultimately hurt the industry.
But nice try


Four years ago, GM and Chrysler Group LLC’s soon-to-be bankrupt predecessors and Ford Motor Co. (F), which ultimately survived without a bailout, were seeking U.S. government aid to pay their bills. This week, the strongest domestic auto market since 2007 helped GM and Ford beat Wall Street profit estimates and Chrysler’s third-quarter profit jump 80 percent.

Chrysler’s third-quarter profit jump 80 percent

Did President Obama save the auto industry?
Even the most casual viewer of the Democratic convention would get the point: President Barack Obama saved the American auto industry.

Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick called him the president "who saved the American auto industry from extinction." The former CEO of the super-sized used car dealership CarMax, Austin Ligon, said the president’s decisive action to restructure General Motors and Chrysler "helped prevent a domino effect that would have taken down everything in the auto industry, from the factories that manufactured auto parts to the dealers who sold the cars." And Michelle Obama talked about how her husband "fought to get the auto industry back on its feet."

Another great read:


If the US auto industry went under like Bush wanted we would have more unemployed then we do currently because of Bush.
Instead because of President Obama we have added hundreds of thousands of quality jobs right here in this country in the US auto industry.

Actually if you do your homework, Bush was the one that saved the industry. Go back to 2008 and read up on his stimulus package for them.
Also, another thing the Liberal media tends to forget about, is that the auto makers would have just gone through Chapter 11 with the help of a private enterprise instead of the Gov hand outs. So without the Gov help, they would still be here.
To say one of the presidents is responsible for this is inaccurate. Bush put together the package, Obama simply took credit for it.
As for job creation? China is beating us when it comes to GM employee growth. Facts confuse liberals...

Plenty of links of there to support this, however here is one from a liberal site:


Also let us not forget in addition to the US auto manufacturers becoming world class once again.
THe taxpayers actually made a huge profit on the repayment of the bailout with interest.

If President Obama did not save the auto industry we would not even have an industry to have 1 models that has low sales.
Thanks to President Obama the American auto industry is now a worldwide success.
Let us not forget the village idiot Republican war

Bush wanted to let the American auto industry and millions and millions of Jobs die.

Should have let them. GM is crap. They are giving jobs to the Chinese now, as they build plants there.
Chrysler is owned by Fiat now.
So that bailout was a waste of money.


Poor Government Motors:

January 2013, was one of the down months, with just 1,140 Volts sold across the US. Still, this is better than the 603 Volts sold in January 2012.

Chevy Volt sales are up!
1400 sold last month, OUCH

Just fill up with some Solyndra.