Weston Interior Designer Adds Drama To Classic Styles

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Jennifer Drolet of Weston operates Drolet Interiors, a home design firm.
Jennifer Drolet of Weston operates Drolet Interiors, a home design firm. Photo Credit: Melani Lust Photography
The entryway in a Stamford home that was designed and updated by Jennifer Drolet.
The entryway in a Stamford home that was designed and updated by Jennifer Drolet. Photo Credit: File

WESTON, Conn. – Jennifer Drolet, an interior designer who operates Drolet Interiors in Weston, said she “specializes in simple, clean lines and classic styles with dramatic touches.”

An example of her work is a 5,000-square-foot home in Stamford. “It needed a facelift and had lots of existing furniture, so I worked with the old pieces and made them current by lacquering. I also updated the upholstery, changed the lighting fixtures and painted.

“They didn’t want to put a lot of money into it, so I worked with the budget and transformed the kitchen by switching carpeting and adding new lighting.”

Drolet, who has lived in Weston for seven years, offered tips on how homeowners should select an interior designer. “You need to like their style as a designer; a lot of it is chemistry,” she said.

“Make sure the designer knows your lifestyle, your goals and your budget priorities. When I meet people, I ask them about their lifestyle, whether they have children - because there are kid-friendly fabrics. I also ask if they want a traditional, classic look.

“I like to add my style but maintain the integrity of the home. It’s important to decorate with a timeless style so in five years, you won’t have to redecorate.”

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Comments (2)

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