Norwalk Gets A Snow Day From Winter Storm Nemo

A snow bunny turned up in a Norwalk yard Friday during winter storm Nemo. Photo Credit: Lorraine Watcke
Nemo is no match for this kitted-out Norwalk pup, Jakey. Photo Credit: Wendy Humphries
Snow began to pile up in Norwalk midday Friday as winter storm Nemo moved into Connecticut. Photo Credit: Grisiel Oviedo
The Dairy King was still open at midday in Norwalk, despite the snow. Photo Credit: Johndairyking
Luke a Samoyed owned by Norwalk resident Doreen Kirkland-Green, was perfectly content with the snow. Photo Credit: Doreen Kirkland-Green
Snow graces a Norwalk tree Friday night. Photo Credit: Ronna Van Veghel
Wind buffets snow-covered homes in Norwalk. Photo Credit: Bill Steward
An unplowed street in Norwalk was no deterrent to this pickup truck driver. Photo Credit: Bill Steward
Big snow, little dog. Photo Credit: Barbara Tobias
A proper shoveling job awaited Norwalk resident Barbara Tobias. Photo Credit: Barbara Tobias
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NORWALK, Conn. - Winter storm Nemo brought a proper snowfall to Norwalk Friday, leaving people the job of either cleaning it up or playing in it.

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Thanks for posting the Snow Bunny! The kids were so excited to see it here! They are very proud of it!