New Market Place Restaurant In Danbury Blends Food With Science

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An impressive wine collection -- strategically placed in the dining room -- lines the wall at Danbury's Market Place restaurant. Photo Credit: Courtesy Market Place

DANBURY, Conn. - Danbury’s restaurant scene just took a giant gastronomical step forward with the addition of Market Place restaurant, which opened in late September.

The new eatery, whose slick and elegant interior sports repurposed wood from a nearby 300 year-old barn, serves “Modern American cuisine,” according to its executive chef, Joseph Lucci.

Lucci, a 26-year-old graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, is no stranger to serving dining rooms full of customers. In fact, he said, by the age of 15, in his native Pennsylvania, just outside Philadelphia, he had already captained a banquet kitchen that served more than 3,000 diners.

But in Danbury, where his dining room is cozier, Lucci focuses on what he calls “sophisticated cuisine,” food that he said incorporates “different textures and flavors. Few customers dining in this region have likely ever experienced, said Lucci.

But his alchemy isn’t limited to mixing flavors; he also regularly incorporates what he refers to as “molecular gastronomy” into his menus. “Essentially I can take olive oil and turn it into powder and then can turn that powder back into olive oil once it touches your mouth." He does so, he said, using canned liquid nitrogen, which he also uses to “foam up” typical fruit juices and make them seemingly anything but typical.

But, he said, he can also create a straight up, “out of this world burger,” which, although perhaps less fantastical, is almost as hard to find.

Market Place is located at 33 Mill Plain Road in Danbury. 

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Comments (2)

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