Survey: Connecticut Is The Best State In The Country

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Connecticut ranks No. 1 in the country, according to a recent study done by Measure of America.
Connecticut ranks No. 1 in the country, according to a recent study done by Measure of America. Photo Credit: Screenshot of Measure of America
On average, Connecticut ranks 6.3 on the scale of 1 to 10 the group that produces a Measure of America to rank the states.
On average, Connecticut ranks 6.3 on the scale of 1 to 10 the group that produces a Measure of America to rank the states. Photo Credit: Screenshot of Measure of America

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. - Feeling good, Fairfield County? You should be. Connecticut is ranked as No. 1 in the country for life expectancy, educational attainment and median earnings, according to the 2013 Human Development Index developed by the Social Science Research Council.

This is the third time the council has released the Measure of America study, which looks to answer the question "How are Americans doing?" by measuring the heath, education and earnings of people across the country. 

The study reveals that Connecticut, on a scale of 1 to 10, is a 6.6 or third for education, 6.18 or third for health and 6.28 or fourth for income across the country. When the numbers are averaged, the state earns a 6.17 to earn it the top rank in the country, a mere 0.01 more than Massachusetts at No. 2. 

“GDP is a useful economic indicator, but it can provide misleading signals when used as a measure of human  progress; GDP has tripled over the last 35 years, but the earnings of the typical worker have barely budged,” Kristen Lewis, co‐director of the Measure of America, said in a statement.

“The  American Human Development Index measures areas vital to all of us – health, education and earnings – and moves away from a binary us/them way of looking at advantage and disadvantage, as today’s poverty measure does, toward an approach that allows everyone to see themselves along the same continuum.”

The next five states on the list are all on the East Coast: Massachusetts, New Jersey, the District of Columbia and Maryland follow Connecticut on the list. 

The bottom five states are Alabama, Kentucky, West Virginia, Arkansas and Mississippi.

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Comments (10)

Well - the moderator should just be able to check IP addresses, and if these posts all originate from the same place, then indeed the spammer is back.

This is definitely his/her pattern in the past - the spammer posts tons of times, with roughly the same opinion, and often times stating "I'm an independent but ... " followed by some very right wing opinion.

If I had to guess, I'd say that this is him again.

Also, his/her posts are rarely civil, and the person definitely comes back to respond and reply.

So this does fit the pattern.

Look - pony tail steve, or whomever you are - the reality is that this is a study of several things one could or could not use to rank states. In this particular ranking, CT is number 1. Good for us. (I personally live in Darien). But it's just one type of ranking. They could have decided that number of warm days per year is the best thing, and then FL would have won. But they didn't. So it's just a fun ranking, and I'm proud to be somewhere where at least one set of rankings puts us at number one. But that's about all that it is. Chill out. You should really get out of the house. Go take a walk. The world is a beautiful wonderful place. You only have 1 life. Don't use it up trolling on message boards.

My $0.02.

Is it me you are referring to? I AM an Independent, not loyal to any political party and vote my own opinions and values... I think BOTH parties are doing a pretty poor job... I don't adhere to any others in this discussion... How can anyone defend the high taxes and costs in CT? Sorry if the truth hurts. Residents are leaving CT, not arriving.

As an Independent, I found CT the most overtaxed area our family has ever lived in. Our community just kept adding more and more taxes for stupid things. They LOVE to pay taxes. Electricity is so high, the first bill we received (the property had been empty) was four times higher than the bill in another state. I found CT anything but the 'best' place to live.

You may want to have someone read the article to you as it is from 2013

Wait until the price of gasoline goes up $.04/gal. We won't feel as good

Apparently pro-gun activists, those employed by gun manufacturers, those opposed to paying outrageous taxes, and those who view the Democrats as an amalgamation of crooks weren't surveyed. Otherwise CT would have been dead last....

Or .. they were .. and there just aren't that many people who share your views ...

Did you ever think of that?

What a joke! Who was surveyed? All the tree huggers, climate change chicken littles, Obummer supporters and those who live in gated communities?
Is there any semblance of a middle class in CT?

How can CT maintain all this 'well-being' with the lowest economic growth in the country? Someone has to pay for all these health and education programs. And the high earnings valued by this index do not take into account a high cost of living. If it's so great, then why is our population growth nil despite the influx of so many new immigrants? That's a whole lot of people leaving. I like CT but let's not pretend we're on unicorns skipping up rainbows.

LMAO thatys funny. We are the highest taxed most expensive state in the nation. I love CT & I love Norwalk but this is pure bullsnot in a big way. Currently CT sucks in almost every way imaginable unless you are on welfare or are wealthy. Those median earnings here, which I admit are higher than most other places, are not enough to make it here as easilly as they are other places. Next week when the gas tax increases 16% it will be even worse. You can put nice tasty icing on a cow pie but its still just a cow turd.
Lets vote out the Democrats & liberals so we can truly be a good place to make a life instead of needing to create things like the Human Development Index developed by the Social Science Research Council to figure it out for us.