Easton Church Helps Staten Island Hurricane Victims

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Gail Lent from the Covenant Church of Easton in room used to store donated items for hurricane relief. Photo Credit: Ken Liebeskind
Covenant Church of Easton on Sport Hill Road is accepting canned foods and other items for hurricane victims. Photo Credit: Ken Liebeskind

EASTON, Conn. ‒ Twelve parishioners from Covenant Church of Easton went to Staten Island last Saturday to assist with Hurricane Sandy relief. The church plans to send a crew to Bridgeport this Saturday, according to church secretary Gail Lent.

The church collected canned foods, baby diapers, cleaning supplies and other items and brought them to Staten Island, where it coordinated efforts with Grace in the Storm Ministry.

The church is accepting donated items that are also being given out to local citizens. "A woman from Easton came for food and supplies today," Lent said, "and the doors are open for local citizens who need help."

She said the church's effort to collect donated items will continue as long as there is need for them.

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