Greenwich Resident And Newtown Teacher Is Guest At State Of Union

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GREENWICH, Conn. – Kaitlin Roig, a Greenwich resident and Sandy Hook Elementary School teacher, will be a guest of Michelle Obama at Tuesday's State of the Union address.

Roig, who has taught at Sandy Hook for six years, was hailed as a hero after locking her first-grade students in a bathroom to protect them from alleged gunman Adam Lanza in the tragedy in Newtown on Dec. 14.

Roig will be seated for the address in the First Lady's box seats, along with the Vice President's wife, Jill Biden, and other invited guests, who include Apple CEO Tim Cook, war heroes and the parents of a Chicago girl who had participated in President Barack Obama's inauguration and was shot and killed two weeks ago. 

According to her biography provided by the White House, Roig attended and received her master’s degree from the NEAG School of Education at the University of Connecticut, where she was a member of the Order of Omega Honor Society, The Historical Honor Society and the NEAG honor society.

In addition to her teaching, Roig also started a running club called Marathon Mondays for third and fourth grade students at Sandy Hook Elementary.  She will be running the New York City Marathon this year, according to the release.

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Comments (18)

Rubio is the only speech that mattered. Obama is OBSESSED with killing business, and raising taxes. More rules, more taxes, more spending.
The complete opposite of what America needs.

Actually Robio's speech was the same old same old nonsense that no one is buying any longer. I think that was proven on election day.

I think we could all agree that the biggest problem is the hate agenda of the Republicans

Pretty sad how we have people here mocking the slaughter of the children in Newtown to promote their pro gun agenda.

Wait, that was Obama not too long ago about gun control. Why is this offense now?

I think it's nice that Ms. Roig is being recognized for her life saving actions. Given what she has had to ensure, I hope she has a fabbaaloousss time!!! She deserves it!!

Ted Nugent is going to be there as well. Now I may actually have a reason to watch it!
Nawwwwwww, going to be the same old line of lies we have been fed LOL.
"we are recoving"
"Economy is fine"
"No more taxes for middle class"
"Obamacare is free and will cost a penny"

Got to feel for the people that actually believe what he says.

Well Jimmy
First off Ted Nugent is a mental case
Now to address your lies
We are recovering.
The only ones I hear complaining are the has beens that have no skills to get a job. The economy is a 1000 percent better than when the Republican war criminal village idiot Bush left office. Maybe you forget that we were days away from a depression. As far as tax increases for the middle class I think you have that confused as that was Romney's plan. Now for obama care thank God we are no longer a 3rd world country when it comes to health care as we were the only civilized nation without it.
Only a complete and total moron would want to allow the insurance companies to have been able to rape the individual like hey had been doing..
Now do you understand?

Instead of posting spam try proof of your lies...Oh and proof is not a wacko right wing website.
You just don't get it no one is buying the same old same old lies that the Republicans have been using for years..I think that was proven on election day. We find it comical how the right wing forgot the depression Obama inherited from Bush ..I and most agrees Obama has done a fantastic job of fixing the Bush mess.. Also let us not forget it took Bush 8 years to create the mess and Obama has fixed it in 4 years and that is remarkable as usually it takes twice the time to repair as to create..I would think that even a has been republican could understand this.

I found it all the be accurate. What part was not factual?
It was pretty close to me, when I googled it

Please post proof

$16.7 TRILLION national debt
42.6 Million living below poverty
88 Million out of the labor force
1 in 7 collecting food stamps
17.5% youth unemployment
$3.60 average gas price

Ummm, yea we are doing GREAT! But wait wait just wait... its BUSH's fault! Okay I feel so much better now, and I can believe the lies.

OBAMA is turning us into a 3rd world country. And tonight he will be making up more BS to feed to the impressionable. The best thing about tonight is the "obama drinking game" which I trust one can find without help by searching.

Thats odd, it all checks out on the fed gov websites. Why do you say its inaccurate?

Yes The Norwalk truth you are correct..
Got to feel for the people that actually do not see the truth do to the kook aid of the right wing

Why on Earth does she even get to invite guests? Its truly a shame that these mindless morons in the white house are useing people like this woman to ensure that more school shootings will be possible in the future so they can use them to further their agenda against the rights & freedoms of American citizens.

Do you have any idea what you are rambling about?


Can you spell p-a-n-d-e-r-i-n-g?