Weston Considers Adding Sidewalks

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Adding sidewalks to Lords Highway would improve school safety, one resident says.
Adding sidewalks to Lords Highway would improve school safety, one resident says. Photo Credit: Ken Liebeskind

WESTON, Conn. – The town wants to install sidewalks along School Road, and many Weston residents want more sidewalks. But some would prefer quiet streets without sidewalks.

Kelly Seaver Redcay says sidewalks are needed on Lords Highway. "It's a street many kids walk on after school," she said. "The cars absolutely fly. It is terrifying. My son was walking home from school and he had to jump out of the path of a car and he broke his ankle."

Jennifer Roh also thinks more sidewalks are in order. "I would love Weston to get sidewalks. It isn't safe to walk anywhere," she said.

Nancy Bree Babyak disagrees. "We have lived in Weston just over 20 years and among the many things that attracted us was the uncluttered natural beauty of Weston.

"Sidewalks will destroy the natural beauty of the town," she continued. "What is needed is for all of us to slow down on our roads."

In September, the town applied for a state grant to help pay for the School Road sidewalks.  

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Comments (2)

I agree with Ms. Redcay. Lords Highway is a thoroughfare for many pedestrians and it is not safe. I do not think there should be sidewalks all over Weston. The areas around the town center, the school complex and the ball fields on Newtown Turnpike should include such safeguards. I further believe a walking/ bike lane should extend from the Westport bike lanes (extending from the LI sound) all the way to the reservoir, or at least the Devil's Den park complex. Many times I have driven along these roads and it seems quite obvious that a bit more room for both automobiles and bicyclists/pedestrians is a clear need. Many feel that outright sidewalks are an eye soar (and a decrease to property values). Perhaps we could take a lesson from our Westport neighbors and simply widen the roads and provide a marked lane (not unlike an easement) for both pedestrians and bicyclists. The impact on charm and beauty in our fine town would be negligible at best. The impact on safety would be significant.

Why not have the police enforce the speed limits on a regular basis i.e. everyday? They are certainly getting paid enough to do so.