Weston Gun Control Group To Attend March For Change

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Join more than 200 Weston residents and attend the March for Change rally in Hartford on 
Feb. 14.
Join more than 200 Weston residents and attend the March for Change rally in Hartford on Feb. 14. Photo Credit: Ken Liebeskind

WESTON, Conn. – Weston First Selectman Gayle Weinstein, who is pushing a local gun control ordinance, will be on the bus with more than 200 other residents to attend the March for Change rally in Hartford on Feb. 14.

“It’s very important that we’re involved in the grass roots effort to change state regulations regarding gun control,” she said. “March for Change is an opportunity to take an important step in demanding the type of changes that will help keep our children safe."

Dawn Egan, who is coordinating the local effort said, “Three of four of the buses are filled and we’ll fill the fourth. I get calls every day from community members who want changes in gun laws. We’re excited about the national conversation and what’s happening with our Connecticut legislators who are revising current laws.”

March for Change is sponsored by the Fairfield County chapter of One Million Moms For Gun Control, which supports a ban on automatic weapons, reducing the number of clips in gun magazines and enforcing background checks for gun owners.

Buses will depart from the St. Francis of Assisi Church parking lot at 8:30 a.m., with boarding beginning at 8. The cost is $20 per person with reservations required. Email nkerns@optonline.net by Jan. 25 to reserve a seat.

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Comments (7)

I'll bet you that this woman Gayle Weinstein will be running for state level office in the near future. Mark my words.

Oh, and John, I tried to buy more AR-15 ammo at the gun store yesterday. They are cleaned out, and have been told there will be up to a YEAR before they can get more. 9mm also. I may organize a bus ride to Hartford to protest this. You in? We can bring a nice box lunch, and the nannie can bake some cookies.

I know. It's partly because Dept. of Homeland Security has been buying more than 1.2 Billion (with B) rounds of ammunition in the last 12 months. They need only about 15 million rounds a year for training and practice. No one would explain why all of a sudden the federal government (excluding military) needed to hoard ammunition. For comparison, US Military used only 70 million rounds a year in Iraq. I'm not a conspiracy kind of person, but this thing smells fishy. If you think "tyrannical government" will never happen in this country, think again.


Once again, the million overprivileged sappy women --or, at least a couple of busloads of them--will leave the kids with the nannies, or at their dangerous schools, and whine and nag the Hartford hacks about doing things like "reducing the number of clips in magazines" (I still wonder how they can fit a few "clips in magazines". I keep trying, but the "clips" simply won't fit in my AR-15 magazine). They've got their maiden names all dug out and affixed to their long-suffering husbands' monikers (a must, for relevancy, and being taken seriously"); and have called channel 12 in the hope of publicity. A bake sale, Tupperware party, or just cleaning their McMansions would be just as effective, but Channel 12 won't carry it. A bus ride will be much more fun.
Oh, well, it's good for a couple of laughs; and the pens of relevant Americans will be out for another check to the NRA, and another trip to the gun store to load up on ammo.

Nail on the head, brother.

No thank you. I'd rather use that $20 to buy a box of ammunition for my next visit to the gun range. Practice makes perfect.

Once again not a single ordinance you and your cohorts are attempting to do will keep our children safe...admit it....you just want gun control...this has nothing to do with our children