6,700 Still Without Power In Weston, Redding, Easton Friday AM

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More than 173,000 customers out of 320,150 total customers served by United Illuminating Company are out of power across Connecticut. Photo Credit: United Illuminating Company

WESTON, Conn. – An estimated 59 percent of Connecticut Light & Power customers in Weston and 71 percent in Redding as well as 59 percent of the United Illuminating customers in Easton were still without power Friday morning

Utility officials estimate 2,273 of the 3,808 customers served in Weston, 2,799 of the 3,903 customers served in Redding, and 1,693 of the 2,861 customers served in Easton are without power as of 5 a.m. Friday morning, according to outage maps. CL&P expects to have most power restored to customers by Monday or Tuesday, according to a press release Thursday. 

More than 173,000 customers out of 320,150 total customers served by UI are out of power across Connecticut as of 5 a.m. Friday, down from more than 109,000 customers Thursday morning. UI hopes to have 95 percent of its power restored by Monday.  

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Mr WR:

Weston should mandate that homeownwers trim tree branches that are within 12 feet of powerlines. I grew up in a town that required you to trim tree branches that hang within 12 feet of powerlines, in another state that is prone to tornadoes. I can count on one hand the number of power outages during the first 20+ years of my life. What is wrong with Connnecticut? Clean up your trees once in a while. It will make your yard look less sloppy, too. The costs of tree pruning are far less than the cost of multi-day power outages. If individuals won't be responsible, then the town or CL&P should add it in to the cost of running business.

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