Bridge Replacement On Route 53 in 2015 In Redding Will Disrupt Traffic

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REDDING, Conn. -- Commuters who travel on Route 53 in Redding will have to find a new way to their destination in spring 2015 when the state Department of Transportation will replace two bridges that go over the Saugatuck River.

Workers will begin work on the Saugatuck River Bridge, just before John Read Middle School in the spring of 2015.

The other bridge at the intersection of Route 53 and Umpawaug Road in Redding will be completely replaced and an entirely new structure will take its place. Work on the bridge replacement isn't expected to begin until 2016. 

Replacement and rehabilitation of the bridges may create some traffic concerns, as many residents not only use Route 53 frequently, but also use it to reach Route 7, Route 107 and beyond.

State officials estimate detours in the area to last as long as four months. 

The entire project is expected to cost approximately $3.12 million.

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