Easton Residents: Remember To Use New Recycling Carts

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Each Easton home will receive a new 64-gallon recycling cart this week.
Each Easton home will receive a new 64-gallon recycling cart this week. Photo Credit: File

EASTON, Conn. – Each home in Easton will receive a new 64-gallon recycling cart this week as part of the town's new recycling pickup program.

Notices are attached to each cart that will include the day of recycling pickup. Some residences will have a new pickup day.

The new carts should be used for recyclables beginning the week of Aug. 11. All recyclables will continue to go into the same cart with the single stream recycling.

Residents are asked to place the recycling carts out the night before pickup.

Visit the Easton recycling website for more information or to check your day of recycling pickup.

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There are people who supplement their paltry incomes by removing the deposit items from recycling bins, and cashing them in. I intend to separate those items from the other recycles, and leave them in the old blue bin next to the curb, so they can pick them up. I'm too lazy to bring them to the store myself, and since it only takes a few minutes to separate them and help somebody less fortunate, and less lazy, why not consider doing it? This unnecessary rolling cart change seems more for the convenience of the recyclers than the citizens, anyway, and it will hurt the scavengers, who do no one any harm. Why not help somebody out?