Gov. Malloy: Raise Flags To Full Staff On Saturday

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FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. – Gov. Dannel Malloy announced Friday that he is directing that U.S. and Connecticut flags in the state return to full staff Saturday at sunset.

Flags were lowered to half staff on Dec. 14 in honor of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown.

At the time, Malloy directed the flags to fly at half staff until the funerals for the victims were completed, which is expected to occur Saturday.

Malloy led a moment of silence in the state at 9:30 a.m. Friday to honor the victims. States around the country also participated in the observance.

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Comments (13)

The filthy Republicans and the wackos from the NRA have blood on their hands once again.
Why is it everything the Republicans support destroys

Is this a mantra of some kind? Must be, b/c it's the killer who has blood on his hands since he's the one who pulled the trigger on the innocents, not the NRA or Republicans. However, it's this display of hatred that is not necessary at a time like this when so many have perished.

Once again, assault weapons need to be removed from our streets and mental health issues need to be addressed by our Democratic Gov & Democratic Pres who insist on making cuts in social services, which is what's needed.

The NRA donates monies to both parties, as a friendly reminder, & we do have the right to bear arms as is clearly stated in the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. I honestly wish more people were up on this...

CT has the 5th strictest set of laws regarding guns in the nation, still, the assault weapons ban that was initially enacted by Dem Feinstein needs to be reinstated. Let's see if both sides of the aisle have the stomach for it and the Pres has the guts to sign it into law.

Its not Hatred it's facts

The filthy Republicans and the wackos from the NRA have blood on their hands once again.
Why is it everything the Republicans support destroys

If it's factual, then please back it up w/ link(s). Or else, please desist w/ your hatred; we've had plenty of that in the last few weeks. I'm also rather tired of your continued vitriol against the Republicans and the insinuations that they had something to do w/ this horror in Newtown, when that simply isn't true. The fact that you're being permitted to say so by the, Weston Voice, is rather disgusting, imo, not to mention offensive. I would ask the, WV to please delete the offensive comments implying that the Republicans had anything whatsoever to do w/ this horrendous act in Newtown. It's bad enough that there is so much division in our country as is, but it's this kind of spewing that feeds it. Besides, the NRA supports all politicians, across the board; they're an equal opportunity lobby. Naturally, The Voice will do what it will and thankfully, as a citizen I don't have to support you as I do The Forum. Chances are, you don't read these comments, anyway.

Trying to figure out who is more insane Ken or the NRA

No Broad River. I'd like to think that something like this warrents more than a few days thought on the part of someone like the Governor. I KNOW that the people of the state care, but I dont think the political machine does. Funny you mock the concept of rights, cute. Its not a silly emotion to mourn, what a twisted thing to say. But its silly to let emotion drown out reality & common sense. Especially when dealing with the govt & our rights. You might not know, but they now say that none of the people were shot with an evil assault weapon, but all with handguns. Dont matter to me a bit, but that should make all the libtards tripping over each other pointing out why we shouldnt have those evil guns based, only on media hype & political lies, take a second look at their thought process or lack of.

It was not the NRA and Republicans who committed this crime, it was the killer who did it. Let's please place the blame where it's due.

Let's also please remember that we've a Democratic Pres. and a Democratic Gov who've been in office for 4 years and 2 years, respectively. The Pres had a fully Democratic Senate/Congress, so if he honestly wanted Assault weapons banned during that time, he could have accomplished that piece of legislation. However, the NRA is a huge donator to both him and Malloy as well as other politicians.

In light of the horror of the crime, the flags could have remained at half staff longer. In Newtown they are, as they should.

Our dear Democratic Governor should not be cutting monies to social services when they are most needed. This is a mental health issue, not just a gun issue.

To add: I feel awful for the Gov having to inform the parents of the children and teachers that their loved ones wouldn't be coming home. That had to be the toughest thing he's ever done.

agreed,had to be the toughest thing he's ever done.
Personally I think it should have been the Officer in Charge of the scene once he got the word from the M.E. The Governor stepped up.
Only government flags are to be resume their normal position. you may always lower your flag for any reason you feel deserves the honor. That is your right.Also if you display your flag after dusk it should be illuminated. My remains at half staff and also displayed is a black pennant with the word NEWTOWN . I'm not sure when that will change, perhaps New Years Day, my heart will tell me. Maybe the small children that pass my house going to their bus stop don't need the added worry my flag may currently remind them of.
I don't hold the NRA or any political party responsible the onus is not on them.
When somebody suggests we should also ban automobiles they mock the seriousness of the irresponsible guns owners and proliferation of any weapon held by civilians that is not used for sport or target practice. Here we hunt for sport, squab, quail, pheasant, ducks, geese, deer, to put food on our tables. Automobiles were not designed in their original intention to kill, guns are.
Magazines of more than 4-6 rounds is not necessary to hunt. You can easily switch out a clip in 5 seconds.
Some suggest we all be armed, so we can stifle a mass killing at a movie theater or mall. People blame our allowing ' crAzy ' people gun ownership. If everybody was armed, it would create mass mayhem in short order. revenge shooting in the heat of the moment, mob mentality and the one person that will experience extreme rage much like road rage or a person who has slid into deep depression and decides to take a few people with him before he commits suicide. People become unstable on a daily basis. That's simply puts to many guns in the hands of people who don't need them but have them. Anybody that is just hell bent on killing will find a way, they don't need to have a holstered weapon with them, it's akin to a 6 year old with a dollar burning a hole in his pocket. That young man at the school that day could have probably done as much damage with a baseball bat, he choose an extremely soft target of little children and nurturing caring adults.

That was quick. People should note how fast he is ready to move on.

' People are silly emotional things regarding some very serious issues. This fantasy of a perfect cozy world where nobody wants to harm anyone would be amusing if people weren't getting victimized daily.'
So you want Flags at half mast everyday, even though people have a silly emotion about guns and death? Silly emotion or to soon to move on? There need be no authorization from the government for the private sector to use the Flag to honor any citizen. So do what you will with your Flag status, It's Your Right, so Exercise it.

Would have never had to be at half staff if it were not for the Republicans and the NRA...They have blood on their hands once again.
Why is it everything the filthy Republicans support destroys?

You just arent very bright. The bloods not on the hands of people trying to help others defend themselves. The blood is on the hands of those who support letting violent criminals go free, shutting down our mental facilities & those who support gun control. The truth is clear Tim, go look if you can figure out how. There are MANY cases where these were stopped because of freedom, but not a single one stopped with a sign.
Also a list of Republican acomplishments would dwarf those of Democrats. But again you need to research to learn these things. I'll start & finish with the FACT that the Republicans freed the slaves while the Democratic party not only fought Emancipation but perpetuated a system of racial hatred right into the 1960s. Its cute to remember that Kennedy was a Democrat, but so were the people burning crosses & killing minorities. We live in a REPUBLIC, its NEVER been a democracy and clearly as the Democratic party gains footing we lose ground. Shame people cant read history books.

Keep postings as you prove with every post just how wacko the Republicans and the NRA are.