Metro-North Fares To Increase For Weston Train Riders

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Fares for Metro-North riders in Fairfield County will increase 5.04 percent beginning New Year's Day.
Fares for Metro-North riders in Fairfield County will increase 5.04 percent beginning New Year's Day. Photo Credit: File Photo

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. — Fares will increase 5.04 percent for Metro-North riders in Connecticut beginning Jan. 1.

The increase is part of a budget proposed last year by Gov. Dannel Malloy. Fares went up 5.25 percent at the start of 2012 and are expected to rise in the beginning of 2014 as well. The fare increase was the first in seven years.

The new rates will affect ticket prices for travel between stations within Connecticut and travel between Connecticut and New York stations. The increase does not affect travel between stations within New York state. A table of the new fare prices for each station is available online.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority approved a new budget Wednesday that includes increases to subway, bus and train fares within New York state. The Long Island Rail and Metro-North Rail in New York will see increases of 8.19 percent to 9.31 percent, while tolls on MTA bridges will increase to $7.50.

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Comments (7)

Monthly is really 40 trips -- 20 in/ 20 out (really unlimited use if you wanted to ride weekends or more). Regardless, its all very expensive.

Thanks. What I also heard is that it is non-transferable. Mr.Smith can't let Mrs. Smith use it for that weekend shopping. Is that true? Isn't a rider a rider?

South Norwalk
East Norwalk

Monthly Commutation (20 trips) $314.00
Ten trip Peak $145.00, so 20 would be $290 right?

I don't travel by rail much but I'm interested in knowing what perk do you get for the extra $24 purchasing a monthly? When the line is closed do they extend the monthly card date?

Monthly commuting is on average 20 to the city and 20 trips back home = 40 so it is a much better deal than 4 ten trips for $580.

The new trains help increasing the fares to make up for to much government spending is not the answer.

Oh Thanks for not pointing out my majorly flawed math,... 40 trips, 40 trips 40 trips. I'd be nice to get back home eh? . :-)
I guess they know that between gas and parking the car, you're taking the train. It's sad that they want us to use mass transit, then make it to costly to just go for a day of people watching, I used to enjoy that a lot.
I went to the 64 World's Fair from Bridgeport. At GST there was a bus waiting to bring you Inside the gate at the Fair, which also ment no lines.
That roundtrip ride with bus included ( the only way they'd let 14 year old kids do it from Bridgeport was about $6.38 I went at least 10 times the summer of 64.

I don't mind the increase as long as the MTA keeps taking care of the crime on the rail.This week a fight on a train coming from NY was taken care of asap at the Norwalk train station without the help of Norwalk police.These crimes go unreported for the most part at all train stations and yes at all bridges that support train traffic.Norwalk would never be able to take care of it all with he 255 miles of road we have.Be nice if the media would take the time and ask the MTA once in a while for a arrest or incident reports it may surprise some how over the years crime hasn't taken a back seat on the rail.

Maybe Norwalk will have the parking lots open soon as well,it must be hard for Deering construction to work on the sidewalks at Rogers square and not do anything at the train station today but then again it is their election dollar at work not our tax money.

Why has it taken so long for Deering to complete a hazardous waste removal job was this the first one?I hope Norwalk gets a clean bill of health when they re test the parking lots this was a odd time of year to do work like that but who knows we will know in the end if they did it right.Jobs like that are usually done with expertise so far its been questionable by industry standard what Deering is doing and why they are taking so long.