Threats Sent To Weston Selectmen Over Town's Gun Laws

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WESTON, Conn. – Selectmen received threatening emails from non-residents after new gun restrictions were proposed in town, Weston Selectman Dennis Tracey said.

Tracey, who revealed the threats during an appearance on MSNBC's “Jansing and Company” earlier this week, said the threats came from “people pushing a political agenda. They will have no effect on what we do and make us more determined to have this conversation.”

First Selectman Gayle Weinstein criticized the phone calls and emails she received from non-residents and said, “I will not be bullied by the NRA.”

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Comments (10)

If you're not a town resident, then please shut the hell up as this does not effect you in the least little bit. Thank you.

I thought this was The "Weston Easton Redding Daily Voice"? If we live in any of those towns have we not the right to comment on this, or any other issues? Go clean your house.

Maybe you should tell your self-serving selectman not to go on national TV announcing the gun debate taking place in his small town.

Maybe you should stick to your own town business and point of fact, she's a she, not a he. I'm referring to the 1st Selectman. No one should be threatened for having a conversation and that's what Weston is doing. Matter of fact, that's what the entire country is doing in the face of what happened and last time I checked, we have that freedom and right. They also clearly stated that they will work within the boundaries of the constitution unlike the Pres, which you don't seem to have a problem w/, who just signed executive orders. The 1st Selectman has not done so. Each state has its own rights and this town will act accordingly as has been stated. So, if you're going to stick your nose into another town's affairs, at least get your facts in order. Go picket somewhere else, or write your state senator if you're unhappy w/ the current laws; that's how they're changed/amended, not on reply/comment page(s). Or, attend your own town meeting and begin there.

Good one, John.

Nobody knew where Weston was. Now everybody does.

These small town politicians are playing a dangerous game. They are deliberately drawing news attention to their small town for their own personal political ambition. Some mad man out there may think of really bad things after following this news.

Keep your town under the radar, people. It'd be safer for your kids that way. Let the state and Washington do their job.

And fire your local politicians who endanger your kids for their own political career.

This political hack and her grandstanding fellow members of the Weston insect-authority, gun-grabbing cohort need to be kicked out of office at the first opportunity. Mark their names down on your calendar for next election day.

Since she knows it's the NRA shouldnt she call the police...death threats are illegal. otherwise she just committed lible and the NRA should send in their lawyers

Mr. Zippy: If the threats are to defenestrate them on election day (which I advocate) that is fair game for these attention seekers. If more serious, then she should call the police, as you suggest.

NRA should sue her and town of Weston. The legal bills alone will bankrupt the town.