Top Stories 2012: Coyotes Force Weston Park Closings

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Aggressive coyote spottings in Weston forced the closing of two Aspetuck Land Trust parks in August. Photo Credit: File

WESTON, Conn: The closing of two Weston parks because of the presence of aggressive coyotes was one of the top stories of 2012.

Taylor Wood and Tall Pine preserves were closed in late August.

Mark Harper, the Weston animal control officer, said a coyote followed a woman home and bared its teeth, which was abnormal behavior.

David Brant, executive director of Aspetuck Land Trust, which owns the parks, said the coyote's behavior was natural and didn't cause alarm but he agreed to close the parks due to public concern.

Brant notified the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection about the coyote issue and a representative said the coyote behavior was normal.

Efforts to solve the problem by spraying chemicals on their den or making loud noises were considered.

“I don’t want to harm the coyotes but I need to keep a balance between citizens, domestic pets and coyotes," Harper said.

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