Weston Area: Test Well Water For Arsenic, Uranium

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Water from private wells in "sporadic locations" across Connecticut, including the Weston area, have been found to contain arsenic and uranium, the Department of Public Health said. Photo Credit: Roberto Verzo via Flickr

WESTON, Conn. – Residents who get their water from private wells, including those in Weston, Easton and Redding, should test their water for arsenic and uranium, the Connecticut Department of Public Health said in a statement this week.

The heavy metals were found in drinking water in recent tests across the state. Though they occur naturally in bedrock, both are highly toxic if consumed, the public health department said.

“While the distribution of contaminated wells has been sporadic, there have been enough findings statewide to prompt recommended testing for both metals in all Connecticut towns,” epidemiologist Brian Toal said in a statement.

The state recommends testing private wells every five years for potential toxins. However, most standard tests do not catch arsenic or uranium, so residents need to specifically ask labs to test for those levels, Toal said.

Tests usually cost $65 to $100, the public health department says. A list of state-certified laboratories is available at the department website. The site also has guides on the potential health problems associated with drinking arsenic and uranium.

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