Weston Democrats Call For Tighter Federal Gun Laws

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Only federal laws banning assault weapons can reduce gun violence, Weston's Democratic Town Committee says.
Only federal laws banning assault weapons can reduce gun violence, Weston's Democratic Town Committee says. Photo Credit: Flickr user another_finn

WESTON, Conn. – Weston's leading Democrats are urging the federal government to ban assault weapons and restrict high-capacity magazines. 

“In the wake of the massacre of the innocents at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14 and the thousands of firearm deaths in the USA every year, our nation has reached the tipping point for demanding stronger, meaningful federal firearms regulation,” the Weston Democratic Town Committee says.

In a resolution passed at its meeting Wednesday, Weston's Democrats called for a permanent ban on civilian ownership of assault weapons, strengthening gun registration laws,  limiting the capacity of magazines and regulating ammunition sales. They also urged studies on the causes and ways to reduce gun violence without delaying enactment of new federal firearms regulations.

On Jan. 3, the Weston Board of Selectman proposed a town law  that would ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines, enforce safe storage of weapons and require registration of all firearms.

Bur Goode, a member of the Democratic Town Committee, said the group supports local efforts, “but we’re asking for federal legislation. If local ordinances are passed, someone can bring in guns from other towns, so we’re seeking broader legislation.”

More information on the Democratic Town Committee’s views on gun control can be found here.

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Comments (3)

It is clear now that new gun control measures will not have enough support in Congress. It is amazing how quickly the debate came to conclusion: no new gun control law is needed. Right after Sandy Hook tragedy everyone, including me, thought that the 2nd amendment would soon be dismantled by our politicians in Washington.


"urging the federal government".

Ha ha ha. They really think a small group of people from an unknown small town in CT will be able to influence the Federal Government one way or another? Stop wasting time. Stop pretending you're relevant, Weston politicians. Fix the potholes, and you may get re-elected.

Vote every one of these clowns out of office.