Letter From Candidate Shaban: Himes Is Not Doing A Good Job

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John Shaban is a Republican who represents Redding, Easton and Weston in the state House.
John Shaban is a Republican who represents Redding, Easton and Weston in the state House.

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To The Editor: 

While most of the country sees glimpses of economic progress, Connecticut continues to lag behind. In fact, Connecticut was the only state whose economy shrank in 2013, posting another year ranked at the bottom in job growth, at the top in debt per capita, and among the worst in credit outlook. Over the last four years, our labor force has actually shrunk by over 60,000 workers, and more than 20,000 people have fled the state.

But what do all of these numbers mean to the average citizen, what’s the cause, and what can we do about it?

Simply put, our state’s continuing economic decline means fewer jobs and opportunities for our children and grandchildren. Look beyond the numbers and political rhetoric -- have things really gotten better in the last five or six years? Have the folks who lost jobs, or taken lesser jobs, been able to get back on their feet? The honest answer is, unfortunately, not really.

The cause of our prolonged economic crises has, in large part, been caused by the ineffective cure chosen by our federal and state government officials to address the recession at the outset.

Specifically, both U.S. Rep. Jim Himes and our Gov. Dannel Malloy have championed a big government, big tax and big spend approach that continues to centralize money and authority in government, fueled through a destructive taxation cycle that cannibalizes the private sector to pay for the government’s growth. Their approach is bleeding our state dry, harming Connecticut employers, and robbing our friends and neighbors of jobs and opportunities. 

First, at the state level, Connecticut’s struggling employers are paying skyrocketing taxes and fees to feed our gluttonous state government, rather than using those funds to grow their businesses, make investments and hire workers. In the end, many businesses have simply shrunk, closed or moved. This is why Connecticut’s real unemployment rate is near 10 percent.

Next, the federal government uses Connecticut like a cash machine by siphoning taxes out of Connecticut (and particularly Fairfield County) to pay for other states’ local needs, leaving us to beg for scraps back to pay for Connecticut’s needs.

Indeed, over the last few decades our state government has, like too many other states, let itself become dependent on “federal” (a.k.a. return of our own) funds to pay for core state functions – i.e. hiring cops and teachers, funding intrastate transportation projects, and aid to hospitals. Sadly, Connecticut is ranked 49 of 50 in dollars back from the federal government, getting back between 60 and 70 cents on our tax dollar. We in Connecticut are thus hit with a 30 percent to 40 percent discount on our own money to pay for things we could be funding with direct and local tax dollars. Even worse, our federal government actually borrows nearly 40 cents of each dollar it spends, thereby saddling our children with a debt burden while simultaneously bleeding us dry.

Thus, instead of hiring two teachers or cops with state funds, we can only hire one using federal funds, and the funding stream is erratic, creates dependency and plunges our children further into debt.

Lastly, this destructive loop closes back in Hartford when, after the federal government over-taxes us to fund other states’ needs, our wasteful state government raises our state taxes yet again to fuel the growth of state government and to make up the shortfall caused by the federal government’s money grab. This is why our state taxes keep going up, our economy stays in the doldrums, and we come up short funding public education, local transportation needs, law enforcement and hospitals.

The fix is as simple as it obvious -- our elected officials need to put Connecticut first.

We need to keep more of our own tax dollars here in Connecticut to fund our local needs – not beg for pennies back on our own dollars from the feds. By keeping our public spending local and low, we will keep more money in the private sector where it can be spent, earned and reinvested to create private sector jobs and genuine prosperity – i.e., to promote paychecks, not government checks.

As a current state representative from Fairfield County, I have fought against this destructive federal/state cycle for years, and watched in frustration as Himes’ (and others’) big government approach robs our children and grandchildren of their future. I am running for U.S. Congress to break this cycle at the federal level. If we keep our funds and authority here in Connecticut, we can return the promise of prosperity and success to our great state.

- John Shaban for Congress

Shaban is seeking the Republican nomination to run against U.S. Rep. Jim Himes to represent the 4th District in Congress. 

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Comments (36)

Shaban has my vote. Dems have done nothing to help CT, and have hurt us more.

Thanks President Obama for fixing the screwups of the Republican war criminal Bush

Here we go for all the liberal fools that actually believe the dems have a clue. Bottom line is the dems destroy states that were once thriving. Biggest example is CT that went from a great state 25 years ago to a run down democratic controlled failed state in a very short time. Ct is in the bottom 5 as usual

The annual Best and Worst Run States in America survey by 24/7 Wall St. came out today, revealing that the top 5 states are led by Republicans while the bottom five are dominated by Democrats.

Why would anyone vote for a Republican Governor or President after the destruction they have caused.

It does not look to promising for the progressive dems come NOV. If it keeps up the senate will change over to Republican. And i find it rather interesting that the liberal dems are distancing themselves from the O MAN. fancy that. A health plan that is a DISASTER> If you do not believe that look at your insurance premiums!! That is unless you are one of the GIMME CROWD that is coddled and taken care of by us working stiffs and sponsored by the progressive that squander our money for people that play the system to the hilt. I think this NOV the dems are going to be on the unemployment line along with 23% of American workers out of jobs!!!!.

John Bolton, Mr Bush's ambassador to the United Nations, said it would not be helpful for the Republicans to more vigorously defend the former president's record, which Democrats have sharply criticised.

Mr Bolton urged Mitt Romney, the party's nominee to face Mr Obama in November, to focus on the future and resist arguing over whether their last president left behind "a big mess or a little mess".

His remarks came as Mr Bush prepared to return to the White House for only the second time since leaving office in January 2009, for the unveiling of his official portrait.

"I think people would agree with Obama that he was left with a mess," Mr Bolton told The Daily Telegraph. "They're not arguing about that, and that's why it doesn't pay for Romney to argue whether it was a big mess or a little mess.

Instead, Mr Bolton said, when faced with the prospect of re-electing Mr Obama, "people are saying OK, you inherited a mess, well what have you done to fix it?"

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said Thursday he would use the $506 million projected surplus to beef up the state’s fiscal reserves, pay down pension obligations and provide modest tax relief.

Malloy, a first-term Democrat facing re-election this year, chose a blue-collar, Naugatuck Valley community to announce that if legislators approve his plan, the state would be sending out checks of $55 to single filers and $110 to couples.

The rebates, which would consume $155 million of the surplus, would be available to single filers earning less than $200,000 and couples earning less than $400,000. Technically, the administration is considering the checks to be refunds of gasoline and sales taxes.

“This is the best way to get this money to middle-class families,” Malloy said

You progressive liberals crack me up. Look at the amount of money that was spent by the O MAN and it did nothing but put us in the red. It will take years to recover from this reckless spending these dems bestowed on us.

A widely held misconception is that George W. Bush caused the Great Recession of 2008. That is incorrect. The President most responsible for the recession is none other than William Jefferson Clinton.

Its true that this recession hit us like a ton of bricks in the last year of George W’s presidency, but Bill Clinton was far more responsible for it than ol’ GW.

The liberal dems even hate him!!!

A new poll by Public Policy Polling shows that “Dan Malloy continues to be one of the most unpopular governors in the country,” the poll director said.

PPP has been criticized by Republicans as a Democratic poll, but the poll has shown varying results for politicians of all stripes.

The poll in Connecticut showed 32 percent of voters approving of Malloy and 51 percent disapproving, according to Tom Jensen, the poll director.

“Even among Democrats, he has just a 49/34 approval rating,” Jensen said of Malloy on Thursday. “The 2014 race for governor could be very competitive. Right now, Malloy trails a generic Republican opponent by a 42-38 margin.”

Actually the economy is pretty good for people with 21st century skills. Its time the right winger stop blaming other for being has beens.

@ mitromney. Sorry to say under the Republicans The gun laws that were in place were at least used. Under the dems not one person was arrested out of 78 Thousand 4473 forms that were lied on. And just for the record Sara Brady lied and straw purchased a gun for her son that could not buy one. Care to address that. As for the gun laws there are plenty instituted by the dems that are not used and by the way do not work. I find it interesting that the liberal gun grabbers yell and scream for gun laws and the ones they manage to get do not work. So be it as it may i find it ironic that liberal dems want to trash our constitutional rights with laws they do not enforce and worse yet never work. The sandy hook tragedy was a direct result of coddling a mentally deficient person and coddling him through the public school system totally controlled by liberal democrats. !!!

Bush is not the president and someone should tell the Liberals to stop blaming him for the issues the Liberal dems can not address and keep blaming him. Even after 5 years of socialist government they still are blaming bush. And the country is down the drain and will be fixed by the next republican president. It also liiks bad for the DEMS this time around. Hope they get pounded in to the ground come NOV!!

WOW they are erasing my posts. Clearly pressure from the LEFTIES!!!

Dear Shaban, If you were running as an independent candidate, CT would gladly support and vote for you. But sadly, the quick mention that you are running as a republican it just make my ears scream of pain. Sorry but CT hasn't forgotten the George W Bush legacy. It sounds many people have forgotten under what circumstances Bush left the country to President Obama. Tons of billions wasted on Iraq, thousand of young lives lost and yes let's not forget the economy and their best friend Cheney who is enjoying a nice retirement while people still cries about their families who lost their homes jobs and family during the war. Again do you remember GW Bush? What about the anti guns laws you and your party keep blocking? How does your party feel about Newton tragedy and all those kids who could have been saved but of course the republican party care most about his pockets than the american population. and yet they do anything to block a gun regulation Again do you remember GW Bush?

Why would any vote for any Republican after all the destruction they have caused.

Earth to mittromney.NEWS ALERT! BUSH IS NO LONGER PRESIDENT. Unfortunately,the jug eared manchild is.Five years in and things are worse.Obozocare is a disaster.Is it any wonder his poll numbers are going down faster than Bill Clinton's zipper?

Excellent factual post.

I agree Dirty Duck Mittromney's post is
Excellent and factual.

I want to vote for a fiscal conservative eager to uphold the Constitution. Neither Shaban nor Himes are suitable. Both are from tax and spend districts, both supported increased gun control/civilian control. Vote for Higbie, maybe not polished but certainly principled!

Shaban voted for the infamous new anti gun laws. Keep that in mind.

Anybody is better than Himes. A congressman who regularly cuts off the ability of his/her constituents to comment on their FB page should be forced to resign anyway. As for Shaban himself I know little about him. How he voted on 1160 will matter a lot to me, probably will be the deciding factor. I REFUSE to vote for anyone who voted for that and given where this guy was elected its very likely he is a Democrat dressed up like a decent citizen.

Umm, Malloy received a true blue Democratic monopoly when he took office. Nobody with an ounce of common sense can ignore the reality that CTs problems stem, not for a couple meaningless RINO governors but from decades of irresponsible policy for which the Democratic legislature must take responsibility.
I do agree that Republicans have done zero to help with our issues though. They simply cannot be effective here due to again, the decades of Democratic majority in this state.
But this irrational stance is not unexpected coming from a person who supports a party hell bent on keeping minorities in projects & on welfare while telling them that they want to help them. The Democratic party NEEDS to foster ignorance to keep its voting block. But the reality is that everything wrong or right with CT is the result of the Democrats. That the wrong dwarfs the right and yet they still get support defies logic but most people, yourself included, can't seem to be bothered thinking.

And Bush did such a great job with the economy? Can't stop laughing!

I love it when folks who haven't a clue start throwing around labels like "socialist". The "socialist" saved Wall Street, the banks and the auto industry. He created more jobs than Bush, got bin Laden, got us out of the mess your neocon jackass buddies created in Iraq. He used Romney's (that other "socialist", I guess) health plan which was Gingrich's, as well. Some "socialist"!

Earth to miscer: Bush is no longer President. Were you aware of that fact Socrates? For your information,your hero,the boy king,had to be pushed into giving the go order on bin Laden.The little manchild didn't even want to give the go ahead until his inner sanctum convinced him he would lose the election if he didn't. So theres your "president",the king of a part time job nation.Where you come up with this Gingrinch health care nonsense is beyond me,but hey,you're a liberal.Nuff said.

Himes is a pretty boy,Obozo lap dog.All meat and no potato.

Agreed, Himes Must Go, but Mr. Shaban voted for the UnConstitutional gun law last spring with the rest do the elected R's from Fairfield county. I can no longer trust his words since his actions reflect his disregard for the Constitution.

Agreed, Im not voting for fake Republicans anymore either. Its sad, every single Republican state legislator in the area should be a Democrat. Cafero, Wood, all of them are a disgrace to the office they hold.

Ken,Im sorry bro,but the tea party made the same mistake in 2012 by not voting for Romney,and look what we got. four more years of this jackass.Dont cut your nose off to spite your face.A rhino is better than a left wing kook anyday.

Everyone with a 1/2 ounce of brains knows Himes has to go. The empty suite politician does not have a clue!! Himes must go!!!