Letter: Shaban Pledges To Continue To Fight Unemployment

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To the Editor,

I write to congratulate those who voted last week, and to offer my sincere appreciation and thanks to all of the people who donated their time, money, kind words and support toward my reelection as your State Representative in Hartford. 

I also want to thank all of the candidates who ran in our local and national elections. Public service is a demanding and often thankless job, so we all should appreciate those who are willing to serve. 

Going forward I will continue to use a balanced, principled approach when considering the fiscal and public policy issues that confront us. While our poverty rates, deficits and unemployment numbers remain high, so too does our ability to address these problems through an honest and open discussion of what works and what does not.

On that front, I will also supplement my local “open house” meetings with similar forums at the Capitol so that citizens and the press can experience the legislative process first hand. Seeing the process unfold will build people’s knowledge of and confidence in their government, and will prevent misunderstanding and/or misinformation from obscuring the blessings of our
representative democracy.

I look forward to continuing my service, and thank you in advance for your continuing support and involvement.

John T. Shaban
State Representative
135th Assembly District (Easton, Weston, Redding)

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