Easton Man Charged With Yelling Racial Slurs At Woman In Fairfield

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Photo Credit: Alissa Smith, file photo

FAIRFIELD, Conn. - A woman who was upset after a man yelled racial slurs at her in a Black Rock Turnpike parking lot Monday afternoon called Fairfield police to report the incident, police said. 

The African-American woman told officers she had been circling the packed parking lot, looking for a space, and when one became available she attempted to take it, police said. As she was pulling in to the spot, a man in a green Hyundai Santa Fe got out of his car and called her the "N" word several times, she told police. He then got back into his car and left the area, driving back out onto Black Rock Turnpike, police said.

She gave officers the license plate number, which came back as belonging to Kurt Stowell of Gate Ridge Road in Easton, police said. Fairfield officers contacted Easton police, who escorted them to the home, police said.

Stowell was not there, but a family member was able to contact him via cellphone, police said.

When he arrived at the house, Stowell told officers that he had been involved in the incident and had called the woman the "N" word only once and only after she got out of the car because he was afraid, police said. 

Stowell was charged with second-degree breach of peace and released on a written promise to appear in Bridgeport court on Jan. 7. 

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Comments (4)

It is truly sad!!! Whatever happened to "FREEDOM OF SPEECH"
in this country...or better yet perhaps turn the other cheek, or better still perhaps she missed the proverb about Sticks and Stones????

arrest worthy ???????????????????????????? I think not, but the officers must follow the laws ???

If she had called him "cracker", would the same charges have been filed?

Unreal that they waste time and money with these charges. I guess they have to justify why a cop makes 100K plus in this town to scan license plates and arrest people that yell the N word. Try catching the people that rob banks and 7-11s 50 yards from the police station

"Breach of peace", "disorderly conduct" are being overused by police everywhere. Stupid. Why didn't they charge him with "bigotry". Oh wait, there's no such thing. So then the police came up with "Breach of peace" charge. If the man had yelled to her "You a-hole!!!", do you think police would have charged him with "breach of peace"??? I think the guy is a racist, but he has the right to be a bigot or racist or dumbazz, as long as he doesn't "hurt" others. Lastly, being yelled by someone doesn't qualify as being "hurt".