Redding Woman Accused Of Theft From Norwalk Employer

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Mayce Smith, 33, of Redding was charged with larceny by Norwalk Police Monday night.
Mayce Smith, 33, of Redding was charged with larceny by Norwalk Police Monday night. Photo Credit: Norwalk Police

NORWALK, Conn. -- A Redding woman was accused of using a company credit card to steal more than $3,600 from her Norwalk employer last year, according to police reports.

A company located on Marshall Street first contacted Norwalk Police about the thefts in October 2013, police said. Company officials told police that an internal investigation had found that Mayce Smith, 33, of Mountain Road in Redding had made personal charges on her company-issued credit card over the summer, according to the police report.

Smith was laid off from the company in August and had made arrangements to pay for the charges, according to police reports. Smith had not paid back the money as of Monday evening, and she turned herself in after learning of a warrant for her arrest from Norwalk Police.

Smith was charged with third-degree larceny Monday night. She was released after posting $10,000 bond, and is due in court on April 11.

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Comments (5)

Stealing from your employer is always criminal, although most companies would keep this a HR matter, as they originally did until she kept stealing, to avoid the bad publicity. As taxpayers and citizens everyone is entitled to the same rights and protections from the police. It is not up to them to say "we have better things to do" or "we would rather catch real criminals or solve shootings". If you report a crime it deserves to get investigated equally. What may seem unimportant to one person might be very important to another. Once we lose that we begin to lose our free society as we know it.

I agree that this should be an in house matter. Sounds like nasty office politics.

I understand that the charges have been dropped. I would like to see the Voice report that information.

noreally is correct.. This is not a police matter as she was authorized to use the card. The fact that she used it for the wrong purchases is an in house matter. The NPD is clearly uneducated. Also the fact that they allowed payment arrangement proves that it is not a criminal matter.

She stole from her employer! That is theft! This is absolutely a police matter. I don't think it is that news worthy though.

This is NOT a police matter.. It is clearly a matter for the human resource's department at her company. Why are the failure of the NPD getting involved with this nonsense??? Its a shame they don't put the same effort into solving the 100's of unsolved shootings and killings of the past 5 years. The NPD needs a house cleaning from the top down.