Easton Appoints Interim Town Treasurer

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Easton Town Hall
Easton Town Hall Photo Credit: Contributed

EASTON, Conn. – The Board of Selectmen appointed Wendy Bowditch as interim town treasurer for Easton on Tuesday. Bowditch replaces Christine Calvert, who resigned May 29. Bowditch will fill the position until the next municipal election in November 2013.

Bowditch resigned her chairmanship of the Easton Insurance Commission, which she has held for five years, to take the interim treasurer position. Her resignation will be on the agenda of the next selectmen’s meeting.

Bowditch, a broker at J.M. Lummis & Co. in New Canaan, has lived in Easton for 22 years.

The Easton Republican Nominating Committee recommended her appointment as treasurer. It was moved by First Selectman Thomas Hermann and seconded by Selectman Robert Lessler.

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I believe this is the same 8:30 a.m. special meeting that the Town Clerk provided First Selectmen Herrmann and Loesser the petition for a vote... and when I showed up for the Thursday night BOS meeting, there wasn't one--due to lack of agenda items....