Gov. Malloy Urges Obama To Maintain Budget For Army National Guard

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Gov. Malloy was one of 46 governors to sign a joint letter urging the President to stop proposed spending cuts to the Army National Guard.
Gov. Malloy was one of 46 governors to sign a joint letter urging the President to stop proposed spending cuts to the Army National Guard. Photo Credit: File

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. -- Gov. Dannel P. Malloy joined 46 other governors in sending a joint letter to President Barack Obama expressing their strong opposition to potential cuts to the Army National Guard, which were proposed as part of the U.S. Army’s Fiscal 2015 budget request.

“For more than a decade, our National Guard has demonstrated it is a cost-effective, operational force that is critical to our national security at home and abroad,” The letter stated. 

“We respectfully request that you reconsider proposed cuts to the Army National Guard and changes to the Guard’s combat aviation capabilities and that you work with us to fashion solutions that provide a scalable, cost-effective force that best serves the interests of our nation.”

During the National Governors Association Winter Meeting last weekend, the nation’s governors met with Obama and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to discuss preserving Army and Air National Guard personnel and equipment to meet state and federal needs.

The delegation of governors remain concerned that a return to pre-9/11 Army National Guard levels would squander the investment and value of the Guard and discredit the Guard’s domestic accomplishments and as an active combat force.

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Comments (4)

KEN it is worse than that. The Governor wants the president to think it over. The governor is so far up Obamas you know what and now he disagrees with this. Simply put that means many will be released from CT as well as other states. BC does not grasp this as he is brain dead. This will have a big ripple in the economy as well as the saving of moneys for Obamas to spend on give away programs. The O MAN needs money to fund his socialist programs. So he is cutting everything from the armed forces to Social security. You see he wants socialist people elected come NOV and he is running scared. Now people like BC just come on here and bash you and me Ken without any facts or study's. This is how progressives work. But without proper national guard numbers the fiscal numbers will go down even further. He wants the votes from the military. Plain and simple most Military personnel hate DEMS and the welfare bus they rode in on. You see if it was not an election year for Malloy he would not give a RATS BEHIND about this. But he does not want to loose any votes. This is a smoke screen for the governor without a brain (MALLOY). Also with all the constitutional rights this socialist governor took from us he wants to look friendly to the military. Simply put he is full of !@#$

Mr Malloys gun control law squandered the investment of generations of American who fought for our rights & freedoms as well as compromising all of our abilities to defend our homes, communities, state & country. Ironic he is concerned about compromising the Guard, ironic until we remember they are under HIS control. Get this loser OUT of Hartford!

Ken, you are correct. But remember there were plenty of Republican legislators who also voted for gun control. They also need to go!