Voters Turn Out In Force In Weston

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Leon Karvelis, Democratic candidate for State Representative, greets candidates in Weston. Photo Credit: Scott Karvelis

WESTON, Conn. — Heavy voter in turnout in Weston was recorded Tuesday, with 2,776 ballots cast by 1 p.m. and 700 absentee ballots turned in, according to Laura Smits, a registrar. Weston has 6,788 registered voters.

"I'm delighted with the turnout," said Leon Karvelis, a Democrat state representative candidate who was greeting voters outside the polls at the middle school. "A large number of people will speak, which is democracy at its best."

Voters can cast ballots until 8 p.m.

"The Democratic candidates are excellent, and I'm looking forward to good outcomes," said Harvey Bellin, a Weston voter.

Bellin voted in favor of the Weston charter revision, which he said "was the result of hard work by the Charter Revision Committee, which was represented by both parties who reached compromise on the issues. I hope people know what's in it. Anyone who knows will vote yes."

Susan Richard, a Weston voter, said the election was "tough to watch and listen to and then the storm on top of it. It's nice to see everyone out today."

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Dallas Kersey:

Very lazy, sloppy reporting by Ken liebeskind. Picture and quotes from two Democrats in his article. I saw him interview them right next to the Republican station at the polls!!!

Wow! Very blatant prejudice.

He lost credibility today.

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