Weston Selectmen Sharpen Focus Of Gun Control Proposal

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A large crowd gathers at the Weston Board of Selectmen meeting to state their opinions on a proposed gun ordinance in town.
A large crowd gathers at the Weston Board of Selectmen meeting to state their opinions on a proposed gun ordinance in town. Photo Credit: Ken Liebeskind

WESTON, Conn. – A few hundred firearms advocates and gun-control supporters showed up at Weston Town Hall Thursday night to debate the town’s proposed gun ordinance with officials. 

First Selectman Gayle Weinstein opened the meeting with a reference to the Newtown school shooting, asking, “How many more people have to be massacred before we act?”

Local residents as well as out-of-towners, including members of the Connecticut Citizens Defense League, which supports the rights of gun owners, expressed strong opinions on the proposal as the selectmen attempt to fashion new regulations to update a 1990 town ordinance.

Selectman David Muller said the fact that 32 gun murders take place in the United States every day is reason for new regulations, but he said the town won’t violate citizen’s Second Amendment rights. “We want to sustain the protection of gun ownership with the prevention of gun violence,” Muller said.

Selectman Dennis Tracey said, “We don’t have a gun problem in Weston, but we won’t wait until there is a problem.”

Resident comments veered from support of proposed gun regulations to their condemnation. Dawn Egan, who is affiliated with the March For Change rally in Hartford set for Feb. 14, said 300 Weston residents are prepared to support gun control. But Bob Ferguson said the selectmen “are overreaching on the issue, which should be left to the state and federal governments.”

Other residents said the selectmen should focus on school safety instead of gun control by hiring additional police officers and installing bulletproof glass.

After many residents and a few nonresidents spoke, the selectmen discussed the specifics of a proposed ordinance. They decided to avoid seeking gun registration requirements, “which are onerous and could violate privacy rights,” Weinstein said.

They also decided not to attempt to restrict magazine capacity until the state addresses the issue. But they were determined to enact storage requirements, “which will make Weston residents safer and may have been able to prevent the Newtown shootings,” Weinstein said.

The selectmen will prepare a new draft of the ordinance. They will present it at their next meeting and set a time for a public hearing.

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Comments (7)

CT has Judicial Preemption. If the law comes into "direct conflict" with state law it's void. Weston's ordinance would never survive in court. It's a waste of time.

And I wonder how much of our money Winerstein and Tracy and their band of followers, (one would think and a educated person in their respected? positions would do some research) will spend on this folly?

No Joe,

People driving cars on cell phones ,,,hell your probaly one of them,kill people! And being as stupid as you sound,perhaps this one will really confuse the crap out of you!
Who said:

To conquer a nation first disarm its citizens!

Heres a hint because I know your not to swift....A.H.

I get it! Guns don't kill people, cell phones kill people.

These small town politicians are playing a dangerous game. They are deliberately drawing news attention to their small town for their own personal political ambition. Some mad man out there may think of really bad things after following this news.

Keep your town under the radar, people. It'd be safer for your kids that way. Let the state and Washington do their job.

And fire your local politicians who endanger your kids for their own political career.

"Look at me. I'm a controversial and courageous political figure. I wonder if I can get on Channel 12!"

I have a better question! How many moe people including Kids have to be massacred while Talking/Texting (over 4000 people died last year alone, and those are the ones that the goverment knows about) before we do something about the proliferation of residents talking/texting on cell phones and the like??
The tragety in NEWTOWN was caused by ONE person, not a national epidemic, and if you look at all the Mass shootings thru-out the country over the last 10 years we have Killed more, times 50 by talking on cell phones! It was NOT guns but PHONES!!!