See Easton Home Sales

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This home at 365 Center Road, Easton, recently sold for $380,000. Photo Credit: Ken Liebeskind

EASTON, Conn. ‒ Here is a list of home sales from Dec. 20 through Jan. 9 as reported by the Easton town clerk's office:

• Gladys Christiani sold a home at 365 Center Road to Christian and Rachel Calemmo for $380,000.

• Ronald Bokine sold a home at 639 Stepney Road to Nikki Zeoli for $315,000.

• John Irving sold a home at 73 Harvest Moon Road to Lee Sulzberg for $620,000.

• Shu Sau Chan sold a home at 104 North St. to Barry David Emmert for $801,000.

• Karalyn Anderson sold a home at 336 North Park Ave. to Jay Habansky for $371,000.

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