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This house at 422 Sport Hill Road, Easton, sold for  $420.000.
This house at 422 Sport Hill Road, Easton, sold for $420.000. Photo Credit: Ken Liebeskind

EASTON, Conn. ‒ Here is a list of home sales from Oct. 1 to Nov. 11, as reported by the Easton town clerk's office:

• Julie and James Servilla sold a house at 150 Rock House Road to Carolyn and Geoffrey Beatriz for $548,000.

• Carolyn and Greg Guidotti sold a house at 15 The Circle to Boharat and Harshida Shah for $577,534.

• Grantley Schenk and Catherine Ford sold a house at 165 Maple Road to Thomas and Joan Schick for $618,000

• Shawn and Maria Jacques sold a house at 56 Northwood Drive to Tony Miodonka for $499,999.99.

• Fiona and William Tustian sold a house at 422 Sport Hill Road to Marsha Huribal for $420,000.

• Patricia Ippolito sold a house at 55 Flat Rock Road to Frank and Carol Festa for $525,000.

• Michael and Stephanie Belleveau sold a house at 40 Country Club Lane to David Geries for $725,000.

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Maybe if they stopped giving such deep discounts to "farms" on their taxes, the rest of us could afford living there.

If you ever attended the town meetings, you know how hopeless the situation is. I can only surmise that the citizens enjoy paying ever more taxes. Don't have to to worry any more since we left and are not bleeding $$$...

Getting the Tustian house for a mere $420K is a major coup - but it highlights the dismal state of real estate in Easton. While its skyrocketing taxes go up and up with no relief in sight, Easton's property values sink into oblivion. And its "leaders" continue to keep their heads in the ground, with no initiatives to turn things around.