See Recent Home Sales In Weston, Easton

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This Brookwood Lane home sold for $700,000 earlier this month, making it the highest-valued sale in Weston so far in March. Photo Credit: Town Records

WESTON AND EASTON, Conn. – Here’s a list of the paid residential home sales in Weston and Easton for March 1 to 15, as reported to the Weston and Easton town clerks’ offices:

▪ Bruce J. and Linda Bartley sold 17 Brookwood Lane in Weston to Shannon P. and W. Braden Miller for $700,000.
▪ The Estate of George H. Mehos sold 119 Georgetown Road in Weston to Northeast 119 LLC for $307,500.
▪ Robert J. and Jeryl Rosenblum sold 84 Birch Hill Road in Weston to Matthew H. and Samantha Hu for $561,250.
▪ Shannon P. Miller sold 24 Goodhill Road in Weston to Harold and Regina Kendig for $675,000.
▪ Katherine T. Grenier sold 239 Georgetown Road in Weston to Sarah Dioguardi and Paul Stellato for $410,000.
▪ Cheryl K. and Edward J. Oestricher sold 4 Stones Throw Road in Easton to James and Mirela P. Weeks for $680,000.
▪ Angeliki Pederson sold 30 Beers Road in Easton to Joseph Caruso for $386,300.

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