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64 Lyons Plains Road, Weston, sold for $2,450,000.
64 Lyons Plains Road, Weston, sold for $2,450,000. Photo Credit: Ken Liebeskind

WESTON, Conn. ‒ Here is a list of home sales from Nov. 29 to Dec. 19 as reported by the Weston town clerk's office:

• John and Denise Lautenbach sold 15 Merry Lane to Marc and Katherine DeMul for $905,000.

• Gayle Kirsh sold 25 Old Hyde Road to John and Denise Lautenbach for $1,495,000.

• Ranjana Shukla sold 3 Pinefield Lane to Vineet and Ritu Jain for $1,029,000.

• Roy Wright and Coulson Duerksen sold 24 Steep Hill Road to Sean Peterkin for $810,000.

• Steven and Alexandra Marks sold 64 Lyons Plains Road to James and Diana Ruiz for $2,450,000.

• Thomas and Sandra Delaney sold 17 Wood Hill Road to Sivaraman and Leela Arumughan for $695,000.

• Aaron and Stephanie Lemke sold 2 Graylock Road to Stephen Machnickl for $1,500,000.

• Peggy Sue Knopping sold 11 Glory Road to Jeffery Matthews for $1,275,000.

• John and Ruanna Opie sold 17 Twin Wells Lane to Andrew and Mary McGrade for $1,525,000.

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