Michael Cicchetti Is Hurlbutt's Interim Principal

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Michael Cicchetti has been named interim principal of Weston's Hurlbutt Elementary School.
Michael Cicchetti has been named interim principal of Weston's Hurlbutt Elementary School. Photo Credit: File

WESTON, Conn. – Michael Cicchetti, who retired as superintendent of the Easton, Redding and Region 9 School District at the end of the 2010-11 school year, was named interim principal of Hurlbutt Elementary School effective Monday, according to Weston Public Schools' Director of Human Resources Lewis Brey.

Cicchetti will serve until the end of the school year, with the district planning to appoint a new principal who will begin in July, said a statement from Brey.

Hurlbutt’s former principal, Joanna Genovese, resigned in mid-September due to a lapse in her administrator certification. Kenneth Craw, Weston Public School’s assistant superintendent, served as the temporary interim principal before Cicchetti’s appointment.

“I am very pleased that Dr. Cicchetti is joining us in Weston for the remainder of this school year," said Colleen Palmer, Weston’s Superintendent of Schools. "This has been a difficult period for the Hurlbutt Elementary School community. Dr. Cicchetti brings many years of distinguished service to the role of interim principal. His extensive leadership experience, commitment to elementary education and love of the arts will be tremendous assets for Hurlbutt Elementary School.”

Cicchetti also served as superintendent of the Berlin Public Schools from 2005-10 and has a doctorate of education in administration training and policy studies from Boston University School of Education.

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Comments (2)

Quite a few members of the Easton, Redding and Region 9 boards of education were furious with him for leaving - barely a year into his three year contract. And there was no explanation offered publicly, either. Doesn't the Weston BOE find this sort of behavior reprehensible?

Things that make you go hmmmm. Thought he retired? The district spent how many $$$$$ to find/hire him??? For what, a year? Wondering how many of the Easton/Redding "good 'ol boys" he musta pissed off!!!