Region 9 Schools Seek 2.2% Budget Increase For Joel Barlow

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The Region 9 Board of Education will ask for more than $22 million for the 2013-14 school year.
The Region 9 Board of Education will ask for more than $22 million for the 2013-14 school year. Photo Credit: Melvin Mason

EASTON/REDDING, Conn. – The Region 9 School District has requested a nearly 2.2 percent increase in spending for the 2013-14 school year to operate Joel Barlow High School.

A $22.5 million budget for next year, an increase of 2.17 percent from the current $22 million spending plan, was presented to the Region 9 Board of Education by Head of School Tom McMorran. Joel Barlow serves students from Easton and Redding, and each town pays a portion of the school budget. 

General instruction makes up a bulk of the spending, accounting for $9.88 million of the expenses, an increase of about $314,000. 

The district is also asking for a $40,000 increase to pay the salary of a fifth security staff member, said Peggy Sullivan, finance and operations director for the Region 9 school district. The district is also facing higher special education costs because more students with those needs are coming to Joel Barlow, she said. 

The Region 9 school board and its financial advisory committee will host a budget workshop March 11. The board could vote on spending plan at its March 19 meeting, Sullivan said.

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They will not be armed. Fewer students but the budget going up. The roof needs tons of work 1.5 -1.8 million and a vote for an artificial turf field and improvements $2.8 million is going to to to a ballot. We may need to make some improvements but we don't need an artificial turf field just because other local towns made the foolish decision to install one.

JBHS needs a FIFTH security staff member? Sounds like overkill to me. Will they be armed, too?

If they are NOT armed, all they will be doing is inflating any potential body count.