Dog Leash Rules Adopted For Weston Preserve

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Land trust member Shaun Malay, of Easton, walks a dog at Trout Brook Valley.
Land trust member Shaun Malay, of Easton, walks a dog at Trout Brook Valley. Photo Credit: Aspetuck Land Trust
A view of the Saugatuck Reservoir from Trout Brook Valley.
A view of the Saugatuck Reservoir from Trout Brook Valley. Photo Credit: Aspetuck Land Trust

WESTON, Conn. – Most dogs at the Trout Brook Valley Conservation Area in Weston and Easton will have to be on leashes starting April 1, the Aspetuck Land Trust says. 

Under the new policies, which go into effect April 1, dogs will be required to be leashed throughout the property and remain on designated trails to protect the environment and preserve the wildlife, except for a 2-mile trail loop in the Crow Hill section.

Until April 1, dogs must be leashed at all times throughout the preserve to allow trail and sign modifications to be installed.

The new policy was put into effect following a Connecticut Audubon Society study of Trout Brook Valley, which recognized wetlands areas that must be preserved.

“It’s our responsibility to manage and preserve Trout Brook Valley for future generations and we now have a plan to do this based on the scientific findings in this report,” said David Brant, executive director of  Aspetuck Land Trust.

The study identified a wide variety of bird and amphibian species and native flora and fauna habitats and recommended strategies to protect them. Native brook trout and American eel live in the preserve’s streams, its wetlands support an array of amphibians, including spotted salamanders, and more than 156 bird species occupy the preserve.

“We provided Aspetuck Land Trust with the information they needed and their decision reflects a good balance between ecological preservation and passive recreation,” said Robert Martinez, president of Connecticut Audubon Society.

Trout Brook Valley is used by hikers, mountain bikers, dog walkers, bird watchers and others.

Aspetuck Land Trust allows off-leash dog walking on all of its other 41 nature preserves with the exception of Newman Poses in Westport, where dogs must be leashed, Brant said.

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Comments (2)

Um, depending on which one you are, and I don't think there are a lot of Sean Armstrong's around, you don't live near Crow Hill. Not even close. In Easton, yes, but not near any of the entrances. I will echo your sentiments regarding Hermann, though, having been a former Easton resident. He should have paid up on the driveway bonds, but that's a topic for another discussion.

Far as the ALT property is concerned, it's private property, as in it belongs to ALT and a portion of it belongs to the State who poured thousands of dollars into it to see that it was preserved in perpetuity.

There's plenty of wildlife that defecates near and into the streams. Generally speaking, dogs don't do this. If there is a problem w/ adults doing nefarious things, perhaps a call to the Easton PD would be in order.

I am a home owner with the walkway next to my property, We have had all sorts of problems, Dogs are just the tip of the icebergKids drinking, the adult perswasions clandestinly going into the woods with bed rolls, I will let you think about what they are used for, but it is allways two men.
And Now we have another blatant disreguard for OUR PERSONAL SPACE, lets not forget this walkway was installed WITHOUT any mention or discussion with the homeowners whom have to deal with it!!!! As usual the Aspetuck Land Trust has changed what the land was originally designed to be a walking path to Now a dog park!!
How does Tom Herman allow these changes without any input from the homeowners whom are directly impacted? How does Tom Herman propose to keep our rivers and streams clean when the Land trust is allowing Dogs to deficate which will run off into the same? How does Tom Herman propose to clean up the defication of the 100s of dogs that will now be allowed to CRAP all over these " perenial walkways" for us all to step in? and Finally how does Tom Herman propose to clean up the walks when they are full of CRAP smelling up my property?
I will personally give one answer, lets all band together pick up the CRAP and deposit it on HERMANS driveway and yard! Because he obviously doesent give a CRAP so lets give him some!!