Weston, Easton, Redding Pet Owners, Prepare For A Longlasting Cold

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Being outside and getting exercise is important for dogs, but the ASPCA is urging Fairfield County pet owners to be careful with how much time they spend outside in the freezing temperatures. Photo Credit: Alissa Smith

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. - With one storm down and two more snowstorms to go in the Fairfield County area this week, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is asking pet owners to take special care of their animals in the cold.

“With such heavy amounts of snow, it’s important to bring your pets inside and know what dangers your pets face in these extreme conditions,” said Dr. Dick Green, senior director of Disaster Response for the ASPCA Field Investigations and Response team. “Winter storms create risks for both humans and pets alike.”

The National Weather Service is forecasting that another 2 to 5 inches of snow or more as well as ice will hit Fairfield County overnight into Wednesday and a storm coming Sunday afternoon could add an additional foot of snow.

With the heavy snow forecasts, the ASPCA wants pet owners to be extra vigilant in letting animals outside in the cold weather. Here are some tips to help pet owners prepare for winter storms:

  • If it's too cold for you, it's too cold for your pet. Never leave your pet outside during a snowstorm for longer than you would want to be out there with them.
  • Don’t let your dog off leash after heavy snowfall, as they can easily become lost.
  • Clean off your dog’s paws and belly with a moist washcloth after going outside. Snow-melting salt can be very painful to dogs’ feet and can make them ill if ingested. Clumps of snow can accumulate between toes and cause pain as well. Dog boots and salves can be purchased to protect sensitive dog paws.
  • Make sure all pets wear collars and tags with up-to-date identification. The ASPCA recommends micro-chipping your pet as a more permanent form of identification.
  • During the winter, outdoor cats sometimes sleep underneath cars for shelter. Bang loudly on the car hood before starting the engine to give any resting cats a chance to escape.
  • If you lose power, be sure candles aren’t in a location where your pet can knock them over.

To prevent your pet from going stir-crazy during this week’s storms, try these tips:

  • Give your pet a puzzle toy stuffed with food, such as a kong.
  • If pets get all their toys at once, they’ll get bored. Keep toys in rotation throughout the week so they feel new again.
  • Provide a perch where your cat can watch the action outside.
  • Hiding treats around the house can keep pets active and engaged. Keep in mind that any additional treats should be factored into their daily diet.
  • Going up and down stairs is a great way to help your dog exercise indoors, but be careful to avoid injury.

For more information on disaster preparedness and cold weather pet safety tips from the ASPCA, visit the society's website.

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