Adam Lanza Had Guns, Knives & Swords Before Newtown Shootings

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Connecticut State police patrol outside Sandy Hook Elementary School on the morning of Dec. 14. Photo Credit: Daily Voice File Photo

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. – It took Adam Lanza less than five minutes to shoot hundreds of rounds, killing 26 students and teachers before shooting himself on Dec. 14 at Sandy Hook Elementary School, documents released Thursday by the state said.

Connecticut State's Attorney Stephen Sedensky released warrants obtained by investigators from Dec. 14 to 16. 

In the warrants released it was revealed that Lanza had a gun safe with at least four guns. Within the garage at the Lanza’s residence, the warrants said there was a small arsenal of guns, knives and swords.

Investigators found 10 knives, two guns, a sniper scope, three samurai swords and a two-sided pole with a blade on one side and a spear on the other, according to the warrants.

Police also removed some of Lanza’s personal writings, a military-style uniform, and books and papers from his room and the main living areas. Much of the writings and papers were turned over to the FBI for analysis.

It was also found that the shooting happened in two Sandy Hook classrooms, not three as initially reported, according to the released documents. Police found that Lanza had five guns, with three on him that he used during that morning, a .22-caliber rifle, a Bushmaster .223-caliber model XM15 rifle, a Glock 10mm, a 9mm Sig Sauer P226 handgun and a 12-gauge shotgun in his car.

As previously reported, all the guns appeared to have belonged to Lanza’s mother, Nancy, 52, whom he had shot before going to Sandy Hook Elementary School, the documents said.

“This is an active, ongoing investigation. No conclusions have been reached and no final determinations have been made. The estimation of completion in the summer remains. After the investigation is complete, I will prepare a report regarding the matter which will include an evaluation of the crimes committed and whether or not there will be any prosecutions as a result. Myself and the investigators ask that the investigative process be respected,” Sedensky said in a statement.

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Comments (36)


They changed the number of rounds shot, from 1000 rounds to "hundreds of rounds". Why can't the liberal journalists be 100% honest on their reporting? Honest people don't call 154 rounds as "hundreds of rounds" or "1000 rounds". How about calling it "154 rounds" or "more than 100 of rounds"? It's just my suggestion.


Please correct the header of the story- the most recent information released shows approximately 154 rounds were fired- nowhere near the 1000 you claim in the story. There is already a ridiculous amount of misinformation surrounding this tragedy so please don't contribute to it.


There were 1.21 million abortions in 2008 and the democrats fought for every one of them. Yeah, republicans are so much worse.


I went to the gun range today, and tried to fire 1000 rounds in 5 minutes. My index finger fell off at about 200th round. Boy, that Lanza boy had a very strong index finger, I give him that.


Good thing your index finger gave out. Otherwise you might have melted the barrel. Continuous firing is why the Gatling gun was created.


Incorrect. Lanza had a .22 and a BB GUN. He also had a Kodak camera that all of the other bad journalists are stating was a gun. Also, as law abiding gun owners know, you cannot buy a handgun unless you are 21. Stop fleecing the public with these lies meant to further the police state that Bloomberg and company are working to establish. Frankly, the way that the media has reported the events at Newtown have only made Americans question the story and have the opposite effect. Horrible journalism.


Incorrect. Lanza had a .22 and a BB GUN. He also had a Kodak camera that all of the other bad journalists are stating was a gun. Also, as law abiding gun owners know, you cannot buy a handgun unless you are 21. Stop fleecing the public with these lies meant to further the police state that Bloomberg and company are working to establish. Frankly, the way that the media has reported the events at Newtown have only made Americans question the story and have the opposite effect. Horrible journalism.


1000 rounds in 5 minutes???? That's like 3 rounds per second, assuming the nut didn't waste any time on changing magazines. Was he a super human? Or did he use a fully automatic weapon?


I was hoping to find some legitimate comments here, instead I see what looks like a bunch of elementary school kids taunting each other.
This "thing" not only had access to guns (which may or may not have been locked up) he had access to knives and swords. So it seems to me that if he couldnt get the guns, he wouldve used knives and/or swords. So, big question...should the government ban them, too?


Whoever manages this forum should please take down the ranting and tantrums of these lunatics. It decreases the legitimacy of this site, wastes real readers' time, and encourages stupidity.

Also, Daily Voice, stop mentioning the killer's name. It could encourage some other sick, sad, disaffected man/boy to do a similar horrific act to try and become Someone. the Hour's article this morning said his name a dozen times. Each one makes me ill.

Irish Girl:



If they repeal the 2nd they will repeal the 1st. Use your brain.

Ken P Jr:

This is news? The story, IF it can be called that contradicts itself by first saying that Lanza had guns & then stating they were his mothers. Its also worth noting that there was a safe. Like as not he killed his mother getting the key or combo. Theres much we dont know, too much to condemn his mother IMO. Of course the rabid antigun fools wont wait for facts.

I'd LOVE to see the actual report, its said to state that the police found half empty mags, meaning those evil high capacity magazines meant nothing.

At any rate Comrade Malloy simply threw us a meaningless bone. Everyone knew about the guns and its obvious the guy was a fruit loop who planned this out. The most meaningfull tid bit I get from this is how utterly gullible and incapable of rational thought anyone who doesnt want to repeal gun free school laws must be. If no guns creates a saftey net maybe Malloy should try it.


We can do better than repealing "gun free school zones", we are smarter than that, that is not the answer, I'd rather listen to those who are experts in these high powered weapons, the police, the military, even there you'll find that they are against the average citizenry owning these weapons.

Our police force is organized to face potential life threatening events each and every day in this country, it would be logical to remove from the equation the possible of over-powerment. There are too many people overthinking this,

And with regards to Comrade Malloy, I think you underestimate the ability of this governor, I also think that those who have no useful offerings to solve this problem, or are unwilling to debate the pros and cons of suggestions, aren't part of the solution.

Gun free zones are there for a reason; and it's a very good reason, there is a some mythical mindset that separates good from bad; I do not believe anyone is licensed enough to determine who the "good guy" is versus the "bad guy".

it's clear, anyone who causes harm to another, or commits an act that disrupts a peaceful and safe society can be deemed a "bad guy", but I'll remind you that the Virginia Tech licensed and armed authorities could not stop that massacre. So in conclusion, repealing gun free zones is not the answer.

Finally, labeling everyone who is not of the same mindset, a rabid antigun fool, just diminishes your argument on the subject.

Use a mature approach, and try to solve the problem, we don't have time for these circus antics.

None of us


this young man having guns and knives is the moral equivalent of leaving an open bottle of aspirin in a baby's crib. Breathtakingly stupid

Ken P Jr:

He didnt his mom did, ignoreing that he killed the owner and stole the guns is pretty silly no?


It's called self regulation, and when that does not occur, society pays for it. therefore in a peaceful society, or rather to maintain a peaceful society, we must all agree that there are limits, and controls,

This is not an invasion of privacy, it is a re-inforcement of the "right to life" for others. I have no problem with gun owners, but I do have a problem with stupidity that leads to the horrific event that occurred on December 14th, a good friend of mine lost his little girl that day, I'd rather not make this a debate of emotion, rather common sense.

That sick young man had no business being introduced to devices that are geared towards destroying living flesh; that's what guns are, and that's all they are.


You are right - we need to regulate stupidity. Good luck.

Dawn L:

Knowing there's a special place in hell for that "thing" (Lanza), brings me comfort!
I just pray his mother is with him!!




Bad parenting. Real bad parenting. Blame all on his mother. Too bad she's dead and can't be thrown into the slammer.


"I will prepare a report regarding the matter which will include an evaluation of the crimes committed and whether or not there will be any prosecutions as a result."

Exactly whom would be prosecuted? Nancy and Adam Lanza are dead. Nancy's ex husband and Adam's father live in New Jersey and had nothing to do with this. That would leave the Town of Newtown and the State of Connecticut. Recently, there was a ruling from the State Attorney General that there was no grounds to sue the State or the town for negligence. The guns were all legally purchased and stored in a safe. Whose left to prosecute?


Good point! No one is left. They sealed the evidence for the sole reason of introducing legislation that was already written well before December 14, 2012. Instead of being angry at gun owners, people should be angry and sickened that these poor kids were used to fuel the agenda of people like Bloomberg who don't value our constitution.

Ken P Jr:

Really the state should be held liable. Our legislature passed a law which violates the citizens right to keep & bear arms on school property. Since its clear by recent SCOTUS rulings that part of RKBA is for self defense, if the state violates that right it should most definitely be required to substitute protection of some sort & is definitely negligent when they fail to do so.
I'd go so far as to say any legislator, past or present, who voted for the gun free school law should be held PERSONALLY responsible as well as the chief executive who signed it into law. Theres a tragedy here which very few seem inclined to bring to light. Those people are victims of civil rights violations. Their very right to live was legislated away in the name of feel good liberal politics. Sick thats what it is.



Personally, I don't like the "Gun Free Zone" designation. It puts too many lives at risk. But even if we were allowed to conceal carry on school and State property, there would be no guarantee that a member of the school staff would have been armed that day. And even if they were, there's still no guarantee that an armed staff member would have been able to stop him. Apparently, there was an armed security guard at Columbine. And quite truthfully, the massacre at Fort Hood was on an ARMY base. In 2011, a man walked into a Detroit police station and started shooting.

I'm not arguing against concealed carry or RKBA, but I am trying to point out that CCW only evens the odds. I keep hearing people say, "This should never happen again." There are simply no guarantees.


I'm not carping at this report, but I simply don't understand how he could have fired 1000 rounds in those five minutes. That would have required firing 30, 30-round magazines, and reloading them into the weapon. Is this a mistake? Did he fire 100 rounds rather than 1000? Can someone explain this?


Remember the mysterious subject in the woods that was shown being handcuffed then the story conveniently went away? might explain the extra rounds. The story does not jive.


its called weapons of mass destruction


They found 154 bullet casings. Not 1000.


Biased reporting

Pony Tail Steve:

its called "exaggeration to promote anti gun laws"


I am not a proponent of the NRA nor do I have any interest in guns. I do not think making gun ownership illegal or requiring a background check will safeguard sane society from the insane. As is the case with drug enforcement, making guns contraban will not effectively preclude access to lethal weapons by those committed to committing heinous acts. The social experiment we are all a part of will always have uncontrolled variables, including chronic and/or sudden-onset mental aberration. Minors. like Lanza, should be assiduously monitored and taught by parents to respect the sanctity of humanity and all life. If that had been done, Lanza could have owned an arsenal without endangering anyone.


At last, a sensible comment with insight.

Pony Tail Steve:

Its never the guns, its the people using them Remember the cop in CA?
A truth that people do not like!
Also, look at Chicago gun laws and murders. Says it all

Pony Tail Steve:

Really? Like no one knew this? LOL
this is some surprise! Thanks for the news update...