Fairfield County Has Most Wealthy People In The U.S.

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Fairfield County has a higher percentage, 17.9 percent, of high-income households than anywhere else in the country.
Fairfield County has a higher percentage, 17.9 percent, of high-income households than anywhere else in the country. Photo Credit: Flickr user aresauburnâ„¢
This map shows the concentration of high-income homes in each county around the country, according to data collected between 2007-11.
This map shows the concentration of high-income homes in each county around the country, according to data collected between 2007-11. Photo Credit: U.S. Census

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. – Of all the places to live, more wealthy Americans choose to live in Fairfield County than anywhere else.

Almost 18 percent of the households in the Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk area are what the United States Census would consider to be in the top 5 percent household incomes, or households earning $191,469 or more a year.

The San Jose area comes in second with 15.9 percent of the families considered high income, followed by the greater Washington D.C. area at 14.1 percent. San Francisco comes in fourth at 13 percent and Trenton, N.J. at number five with 11.6 percent households being high-income homes.

Two Danvilles -- in Illinois and Virginia -- tied for bottom at 1.1 percent of their households earning at least $191,000. Pine Bluff Arkansas came in third to last at 1.2 percent and Muskegon, Mich. and Steubenville, Ohio tied at 1.3 percent.

The study shows most of the country's wealth is concentrated along the coast lines, including New England, the Pacific coast and parts of the Mid-Atlantic region. Areas with the lowest wealth concentration were further inland and further south, mainly in Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee.

"This report addresses one aspect of the growing interest in income distribution by examining the geographic spread of high-income households," said David Johnson, chief of the Census Bureau's Social, Economic and Housing Statistics Division, in a statement.

The study was conducted using 2007-11 census data from the American Community Survey.

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Comments (16)

The liberals in CT have been drooling profusely after reading the news. Yeah, it's time to raise the taxes on the rich.


...and "rich" has just been redefined by the Gov as someone with a $29,000 car.

I thought "rich" meant over $250k a year??????

Based on income distribution, this report is highly skewed and I hope no granting agency takes it very seriously. Fairfield County is a very small place with a huge range of variable incomes including poverty. To lionize this report and make it headline news ignores the very real needs of, ironically titled in the report, the Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk metropolitan area. If the examinization is of highest income, the area should be more defined and called the Greenwich-Darien-New Canaan-Westport metropolitan area report. That then, would at least identify on a more realistic level just where in the county the money is.

I also question the veracity of data taken on a county wide basis when income disparity exists in other areas as well right next to poverty-based households. Examine San Marino-Pasadena, or Beverly Hills-Bel Air-Pacific Palisades or Montecito--Santa Barbara, all representing sizable areas with incredible per household incomes. Right next to each, one can find communities of far lesser wealth.

The Census Bureau would better serve everyone if they took proportional land areas demonstrating wealth concenctration and then look at what surrounds these communities. I think the data would better serve those communities that need assistance and put the wealthier ones in perspective.

Thank you!!!

I couldn't agree with the above more! Norwalk Schools get such a bad rap, and it's just because we don't have all the bells and whistles of the surrounding towns. I don't believe in judging a school by it's standarized testing. That's crazy! My son's education at an elementary school here in Norwalk has been top notch! To think about how much great 'stuff' we could have if we benefited from more money in the City. Home values would go up and everyone could be happy!

I think its mostly the High School that gets a bad rap. The middle schools are not bad, but certainly catholic high school for my kids..

Tell us something we don't know...if only we were one of those households with that kind of income.
It's these kinds of reports that screwed up things like Educational Cost Sharing for communities in Norwalk, Stamford and Bridgeport in the past. Darien, Westport, Greenwich are so wealthy it skews the average for the surrounding communities.
We for one continually struggle to make ends meet, Norwalk schools are struggling just to keep the bare minimums, while the surrounding towns seem to be doing just fine....hmmmm....

Gov Malloy has granted increases of 30% over the next two years for Bridgeport Norwalk and Stamford schools while new Canaan schools will receive ZERO increase (all the whole energy and medical benefit costs are going up). Time and time again it has been proven that spending more money per child does not beget better schools. Malloy's decision to redistribute my tax dollars is reason alone not to vote for him again ....his choice to give these increases without overhauling the school systems is a total waste of money.

While I am sure your children are getting a top notch education. You don't know what you are missing until you have experienced the other schools and this cannot compare properly.

I, too, despise these reports. While my family would be considered extremely wealthy by any standard, the cost if living is so high here we sometimes feel as though we can't make ends meet. I take no joy in living I. The wealthiest area of the country, I only do so for my children.

Those numbers never mention the other side, that 84,125 live in poverty in Fairfield County too, just over nine percent.

Expressing an average for the whole county doesn't mean very much since there's probably a huge difference between high-income areas such as Greenwich and Westport and lower-income areas such as Stamford and Norwalk.

I wish I could one close to 190,000 a year. These things are so missleading it's not funny. But they sure tax us like its true.

Why is this study released now, in Month 1 of obama's second term?

Buckle up, people who drive $29,000 cars, this is a bright red target on you.

The value of that does not go as far as other parts of the country... Expensive place to live and high taxes eat a lot of that up...