Articles On Mass Shootings Found In Search Of UNH Suspect's Fairfield Home

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Fairfield resident William Dong was charged in West Haven on Tuesday after walking on the University of New Haven campus with guns. His Facebook page includes a photo of Heath Ledger as the Joker, a persona adopted by a mass killer in Colorado. Photo Credit: Screen Shot from Facebook
Fairfield resident William Dong was charged in West Haven on Tuesday after walking on the University of New Haven campus with guns. Photo Credit: West Haven Police Department

FAIRFIELD, Conn. – After a police search of the home of William Dong, who was charged with carrying an assault rifle near the University of New Haven campus, Fairfield Police Chief Gary MacNamara said he was sure something bad could have happened.

“I don’t know what it was, but something bad was going to happen either yesterday or sometime in the future,” MacNamara said of the items found in Dong's home during the search Tuesday night.

The arrest of Dong thwarted a possible shooting, MacNamara said, based on the information collected in the suspect's home and at the scene at UNH.

The campus was on lockdown most of Tuesday afternoon on a report of a man with a weapon on campus. West Haven police apprehended Dong and charged him with illegal possession of an assault weapon, illegal transport of an assault weapon, breach of peace and illegal possession of a firearm in a car. He was being held in West Haven on $500,000 bond.

“We all have a debt of gratitude to the woman in West Haven,” MacNamara said, referring to the woman who reported seeing Dong with guns on campus.

Once West Haven police determined that Dong was from Fairfield, officers were dispatched to his house on Stratfield Road to secure the scene, which MacNamara called “significant but calm." An FBI interpreter was called to translate for his family.

While working with West Haven police, officers found what MacNamara described as a “disturbing” collection of article clippings about mass shootings around the country, including some about the deadly 2012 shooting in Aurora, Colo.

“He clearly collected articles on mass shootings,” MacNamara said. Along with the articles, more ammunition was also found in the house. The handguns and the assault weapon found in Dong's possession in West Haven on Tuesday were the only weapons found, he said.

It's unclear what Dong's intentions were on Tuesday, MacNamara said. But the investigation found no one else was involved in the situation other than Dong, he said. 

A search for Dong on Facebook found that one of his photos was of Heath Ledger as the Joker in "The Dark Knight," which James Holmes dressed as during the Aurora theater shooting.

“We are furthering our investigation to determine what activity he may have been involved in, in the town of Fairfield,” MacNamara said.

Dong was issued a permit to carry a gun from Fairfield in April, police Sgt. Sue Lussier said. The permit allows him to legally own and carry guns in the state of Connecticut within the confines of the law.

Further charges could be filed against Dong, said MacNamara. But at this point in the investigation, he said he was not certain what those charges could be. 

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Comments (18)

H. Pierce:

The media is not covering it that much because there are no shootings or dead bodies. The vultures in the media only want the carnage. I think there'll be more info to come we don't know everything yet.


The fact that national media is not covering this story tells me that the man is not crazy and he was not trying to do mass killing. He may have broken few laws, but there's no way he's crazy and trying to kill many people. Otherwise the news media would have covered the story all day long like crazy. Keep in mind, news reporters usually have sources inside police department.


Oh so you are convince that he is not crazy and was not trying to do a mass killing. How about ANY killing? Is he considered sane if he only wanted to kill a few? Thank goodness they got him in time, before he did harm.

Elizabeth G:

58 Murders a Year by Firearms in Britain,
8,775 in US

Activist Bill:

And your point is?

H. Pierce:

Another mass shooting thwarted. Two handguns and a rifle in his possession on the school campus, along with his apparent interest or obsession with mass killings is a recipe for disaster. We can't wait until he starts shooting before we act. Almost every mass shooter in the last 20 years had some kind of interest or obsession with other mass killings. Its a game to them, get a higher score (body count) to beat the last guy. It's people like this that need help and other good people need to report when they see or suspect something. Much like the war on terror "see something, say something" campaign. Kudos to the woman who called the police. It's not about banning guns from law abiding citizens, it's about enforcing the laws already on the books and a better mental healthcare system. And for the media to stop glorifying these killers and the nonstop coverage of their cowardly acts so other sickos don't get ideas.


H. Pierce - Well said. I completely agree with you.


No it is about banning guns....Repeal the 2nd amendment.


Another day and another unstable right winger. This is the reason the right wingers don't want mental health elevations before being issued a permit as they know they would fail.

Activist Bill:

Liberals eliminated mental health care facilities many years ago, because they said it was not the right thing to do, to treat people who were mentally unstable. So all state asylums were closed and the mental sickos were released upon society to wreak havoc. Bring back the asylums and let them treat the mentally ill, with electric shock therapy, lobotomies, etc.

Katrin Czinger:

The second amendment needs to go!!
Yes, it's the only solution for this country!


Katrin Czinger
I agree


He may be some freak, ready to kill however at the same time it is not illegal to own guns with a proper permit and have new articles saved.


What are you rambling about???
What is "and have new articles saved".
Is this a cry for help?


You're kidding right with that comment "Once again much ado about nothing... nothing bad was going to happen"? Yeah, cuz it's totally normal nowadays to walk around a campus (or anywhere) with a RIFLE! Not to mention his clear obsession with mass shootings? Seriously????


Much ado about nothing. Mr. Dong didn't try to do anything bad. Nothing bad was going to happen.


Were the Fairfield Police wearing women's shoes during this raid? It would have made a nice statement.


yet another reason for gun control

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