Easton Home Burglary Reported

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Easton police reported a home burglary on Tranquility Drive.
Easton police reported a home burglary on Tranquility Drive. Photo Credit: Ken Liebeskind

EASTON, Conn. -- A burglary was reported at a house on Tranquility Road where a forced entry was discovered and $1,800 in personal items were missing.

Easton Police said a lock box was found on Sport Hill Road and the name of the owner of the Tranquility Road home was found inside. When called, the owner reported the burglary.

In other Easton Police news, Sharon Lauter, 47, was charged with disorderly conduct Sunday when she called the police to report a disagreement with Donald Kuhn, 44, who has a Newtown address but said he was residing with Lauter. Lauter was released without bond and a promise to appear in court Monday.

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Comments (3)

The Cheshire home invasion, and the rape, brutalization and death by fire of a law abiding family (while the police stayed in a "perimeter" following a "protocol") has much more relevance for you, as the protector of your family, than the Newtown massacre. As John suggests, get yourself a firearm with a large-capacity magazine; learn how to use it, keep it unlocked, hidden, and handy; and defend your family if the need arises. Failing to do so is potentially worse than failing to feed, clothe, shelter or educate them. Ignore the bus-riding, petition-signing bubble-heads and protect your life and the lives of those you love.

Will the burglaries be disscussed at a town meeting?

It seems like every week there's one home burglary in this area. Sign of the times, I guess. It will get worse overtime with worsening economy.

Arm yourself and get trained. Protect your home, yourself and your family.