Greenwich's Lee Whitnum Seeks Democratic Nod For Governor

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Greenwich's Lee Whitnum announced she will run for governor recently.
Greenwich's Lee Whitnum announced she will run for governor recently. Photo Credit:

GREENWICH, Conn. -- In 2010, Greenwich's Lee Whitnum made political hay by suing Gov. Dannel Malloy for defamation. In 2012, she entered the local news scene for calling U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy "a whore" during a televised debate. In 2014, Whitnum made headlines by announcing she will run for governor of Connecticut, according to

Whitnum makes here initial campaign goals clear on her website

"I'm committed to cleaning up the judiciary in Connecticut," Whitnum says on the campaign site homepage.  "My simple plan to empower the people will give average folks the right to fire dishonest and corrupt judges who push the boundaries of "judicial discretion."

It is not yet clear whether Whitnum will have to defeat Malloy for the Democratic nomination -- the governor has said he will not come to a decision about re-election until the end of the current legislative session in May. 

Before Whitnum can secure the Democratic nomination, she will have to gain support from within her own party. Shortly after having her lawsuit against Malloy dismissed, the governor called her "the fringe of the fringe" and criticized her for not running a traditional campaign compared to other Democratic candidates during her run for senate in 2012. 

If Whitnum can secure the Democratic nomination, she will face stiff competition from the GOP.

The Republican favorite is Greenwich businessman Tom Foley, who narrowly lost the gubernatorial election to Malloy in 2010. Foley leads a host of GOP candidates and was said to be in a virtual dead heat with Malloy in a recent Quinnipiac poll

Other GOP candidates include Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, Senate Minority Leader John McKinney of Fairfield, Joe Visconti of West Hartford and Shelton Mayor Mark Lauretti.

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Let us not forget about Foleys arrest record and the arrest record of our past Republican Governor Rowland.. These Republicans have issues.

Now for the truth. The Dems do this all the time they LIE!!!

Our state “surplus” is not a real surplus because most of the money was borrowed to begin with. The state grew its coffers with $867.6 million worth of one-time budget items, including pushing out debt for two years, moving millions of operating dollars to bonding, and relying on hundreds of millions of dollars from one-time revenue sources, like the tax amnesty program and raids on the Special Transportation Fund.

These tactics are gimmicks, and the state is projected to face a deficit of over $2 billion come 2016. The state borrowed money and we have to pay it back. Until we get out of debt, it is impossible to have a true surplus.

Governor Malloy has done a remarkable job digging us out of the mess created by the Republicans... We now have a 500 million surplus.. Malloy has my vote.

Tom Foley should be the next Governor. That is of course unless they find another abandoned car in Bridgeport full of PHONY votes for malloy!!