Weston Gun Proposal Bans Firing Assault Weapons In Town

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Weston Selectmen David Muller, Gayle Weinstein and Dennis Tracey reviewed proposed changes to the town's firearms ordinance Thursday night.
Weston Selectmen David Muller, Gayle Weinstein and Dennis Tracey reviewed proposed changes to the town's firearms ordinance Thursday night. Photo Credit: Ken Liebeskind

WESTON, Conn. – First Selectman Gayle Weinstein on Thursday read out the newest version of the town’s firearms ordinance, which includes minor changes to make it more amenable to state and federal regulations.

Before she read the ordinance, which is to be posted Friday on the town’s website, Selectman Dennis Tracey explained a few of its principles. “No person shall discharge an assault weapon in Weston,” he said, and no one under 16 can fire a gun in Weston, except for target practice, which is authorized for 12- to 16-year-olds.

There will also be restrictions on target practice. The ordinance was revised after the board's Jan. 17 meeting.

Selectman David Muller offered some comments on the goal of the selectmen in getting an ordinance passed. “In no way is it a ‘seize your gun’ document,” he said. “It brings Weston’s current gun ordinance into the 21st century.”

Muller also shunned citizen comments that there is no gun problem in Weston. “The towns where mass killings occurred didn’t have gun problems previously, and it would be negligent on our part not to act,” he said.

He also said there have been 1,624 gun deaths in the United States since Newtown, “which is a tragedy that must be addressed, and these are good steps we are taking.”

State Sen. Toni Boucher (R-Wilton), co-chair of the Connecticut General Assembly task force on school security, complimented the town on its effort.

“What you’re doing is valuable, and it’s important to set guidelines,” she said. “Local regulations will be superseded by state and federal law, and it’s more likely state requirements will change first.”

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Comments (4)

Weston citizens have not been killed by lightning recently, but we would be negligent if we did not mandate the wearing of approved and registered rubber hats for all our subjects--I mean citizens. The eyes of America are on Weston.

Do they think a person intent on committing a crime will give a hoot about these ordinances? And what is the definition of an "assault weapon?

As for school security - if the news out of Alabama last week didn't show that the evil and/or mentally ill will simply find other targets then nothing will. Addressing the mental illness aspect of these crimes should be first and foremost. We need to take dangerous people of the streets. If you want to stop mass killings then first admit that everyone is not the same and some need special treatment for the greater good.

You can take reasonable precautions but the tragedy of Newtown should not be turned into a vehicle for another massive over expansion of local police departments and budgets as was done after 9/11. Easton, Weston and Redding have plenty of staff now and if they were more visible i.e. more patrols that would be the best deterrent. One policeman cannot guard all access points to a school so even if stationed out front there is nothing to say another Newtown would not occur. Certainly nothing in these ordinances would prevent it.

Does it mean the Dog And Pony Show of Weston will end soon?

Weston residents deserve better than being used as a vehicle to advance the political career of some local politicians.

"The eyes of the country" are upon these courageous part-time politicians, or so they imagine. Ignore the horselaughs, as we will ignore their stupid ordinances.