Weston Selectman Suspends Call For Firearms Regulations

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Weston Selectman Dennis Tracey has called on the Board of Selectmen to hold off on new firearms regulations.
Weston Selectman Dennis Tracey has called on the Board of Selectmen to hold off on new firearms regulations. Photo Credit: File

WESTON, Conn. – Selectman Dennis Tracey has asked the Board of Selectmen hold off on new firearms regulations for Weston in light of possible changes to state and federal laws.

On Jan. 3, Tracey presented ideas for local ordinances that would ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines, require registration of all firearms and safe storage of them. The new regulations would update a firearms ordinance that has been in effect in Weston since 1980.

But in a statement released Sunday, he said, “Since the outset of the current discussions, the state and federal government have announced initiatives to address gun safety. In light of the broader discussions taking place, I recommend that the Board defer consideration to the existing ordinance to allow the state and federal governments to consider the issue.”

First Selectman Gayle Weinstein declined comment on Tracey’s statement but said the selectmen will discuss the issue at a meeting Thursday at 7:30 p.m. at Weston Middle School 

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Comments (4)

John: Very good point about the cops and revolvers. I guess the New York police will be carrying Glocks and other automatics that are illegal for citizens to buy. Why do the police think they need one? What do they know that citizens do not?
Ignore the posturing by these small-town political hacks, and keep your automatic handy for when the glass breaks on your back door. Remember the Cheshire family murders, and vote these grandstanders out of their nickel-dime offices as soon as you get the chance.

Mr. Tracey should take a course in constitutional law before we wastes any further time or taxpayer money writing laws that are preempted by federal or state law.

In NY state, starting today you can only legally use max 7-round magazines. Only 7 rounds max per magazine??? That woman in GA fired 6 shots and 5 of them on target, and the intruder survived and drove away. With only 7-round magazine you'd better be a very good shooter and hit the bad guy on every single shot fired. Wait, what if there are 2 intruders breaking into your house? Damn. Forget the gun. Get on your knees and pray. And hope the intruders won't rape or kill you or/and your kids.

There is a good reason why cops don't carry revolvers anymore, even though revolvers are considered more reliable than semi-automatic pistols.

"Safe storage" of firearms means you will not be able to get to yours as you fumble with combinations and locks when you hear the glass break and footsteps in your living room. Ignore this advise, and keep one handy and ready. You can lock the others up.